Regular stuttering / dropouts with 1.6 (b401)

Just wanting to add my voice to what I believe are the greater-than-usual reports of stuttering and dropouts with Roon recently.

Recently, my Roon has been stuttering and skipping tracks much more than usual. It’s increased from ‘never’ to ‘at least hourly’. Very frustrating. Fairly sure I only noticed it since Qobuz integration (which I signed up to straight away).

Roon Core sits on an always-on but seldom used PC (it’s a gaming rig, for testing, so is pretty powerful). Library sits on a Synology NAS. That’s wired into one of three Linksys Velop mesh network units. I listen via Mojopoly or a Bluesound Node 2. Both show the same symptoms (I was wondering whether the Mojopoly might have less space available for buffering, so hoped I might get better performance with the Node). I control via a 2018 MacBook Pro during working hours; iPhone or iPad outside of that.

Hopefully it’s just a dodgy build and it’ll all get resolved soon. If there’s anything specific than Roon would like to know about my setup / symptoms / etc, fire away.

Hi @Pete_Morrish,

Sorry to hear about the troubles here. You mentioned that this issue started happening when you added Qobuz to Roon, can you try to temporarily disable Qobuz from the Roon Settings -> Services page and let me know if that changes anything with regard to the dropouts?

Also, if you connect both the Core and an endpoint to the primary router (not any of the Velop units) as a temporary test, do you still experience these issues?


Hey Noris,

Thanks for your reply. I’ll check over the coming days with disabling Qobuz, that’s easy enough.

No real way I can wire things up physically (router is on a different floor to the Core). I’ve been considering getting a Nucleus (which would be wired physically to the router), but obviously don’t want to spend that sort of cash if I’m suddenly looking at a system that ain’t working properly.

Yeah, unplugging Qobuz didn’t work unfortunately. Stutters and dropouts still happening (although perhaps less regularly than before? Can’t be sure, might just be imagining it).

Hello @Pete_Morrish,

Thanks for letting me know that disabling Qobuz did not help. I would like to try the other way now, can you please make a backup of your current Roon database and then disable all local storage locations (including NAS and any other watched folders) to see if that changes anything? With this test we are attempting to isolate to verify if anything in your watched media could be causing these issues.


Hey Noris,

Only just seen your reply, so haven’t done anything with that yet. But – I tried my setup just via the Bluesound app earlier, and… stuttering. That rather means that whatever’s going wrong, it ain’t nothing to do with Roon! Just happened to start at the same sort of time as the last update, so it looks like I Occam’s Razored myself to the wrong conclusion.

I’ve just had an exciting evening battling to get the NAS updated (it couldn’t see outside my network), and have reserved its IP on the new Velop setup (don’t think it was before, but seemed to work anyway).

Fingers crossed; I’ll see how it all works over the next few days.

Thanks for your help!


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Aaaand as of last night, I replaced my combination modem-router into which the Velop was plugged, for a plain old just-a-modem modem. Although the previous Nighthawk modem-router should have had all its router functionality turned off, I have a sneaky suspicion that it wasn’t just acting as a modem, and was potentially causing a few IP-address-assignation-related issues here and there. Time will tell as to whether everything’s properly nailed now or not.

Hi @Pete_Morrish,

Thank you for that update! Please let me know if everything still seems stable after a few days with the second router of the equation.

We would always recommend using unmanaged switches where possible instead of routers, so this may be an area you would want to take a look into in case you need more Ethernet outputs from one Ethernet cable.

Our Networking Best Practices Guide covers this aspect and has a lot of other useful networking info to make sure that the networking side of things are as stable as they can be.

I look forward to hearing if everything is still working as expected after the modem/router combo has been replaced.


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