Regular timing of background analysis?


Since i am experiencing very slow background analysis performance, id like to know if there is some estimated ‘regular’ time it should take to analyze the tracks.

current testing: Macbook air, core i7 , 8 gb mem, 500 ssd with Roonserver installed, hdd with mp3’s taking 12 hours now for 15k+ tracks . Of course many other factors might count, eg firewall (disabled) vpn (disabled for now) etc etc.

Ive stopped trying to background analyze my Synology NAS flac files, both on local server setup on the Macbook air, and on the NAS installation. Took a whole day for about 400 tracks… And resource monitor didnt give high values for swapping or processor tasking.
Activity monitor on the Macbook Air on the contrary showing 85% cpu time, and energy-impact up to 101%!

Don’t know normal timings, not know what interferes, but this can t be ‘regular’ performance.

Roon team, please give us an estimate ?


Let’s ask @mike if he can help out.

This does sound quite slow. There is a known issue in which background analysis can get “stuck” on certain files, especially files that are corrupt or have non-standard taggging.

We have some plans to overhaul background analysis in the future, which is why that issue hasn’t been resolved yet. Are you confident the numbers were ticking up consistently, or is it possible it was stuck for some of the day?

Can you try going to Settings > Setup and change Background Analysis speed to Off temporarily, then set it back to Normal and see how it goes? You might also try Fast and leave it overnight.

If that doesn’t speed things up, let @Eric know and he’ll get some logs so we can understand. Also, just to confirm, your Roon Core is running on this machine right?:

Just double checking. Thanks!

Thx for jumping in.
I have tried all mentioned settings indeed, to no avail unfortunately. Off/Normal/fast, and vice versa.

Numbers were ticking up, it wasn’t halted. I was halted after my Macbook Air entered sleepmode though.

I take it Fast is meant for dedicated machines? Since Brian states Fast takes over the full processor power? see Background analysis on Control device or Nas?

Two extra things please:

  • If i shut Roon down, and fire it up again, background analysis starts all over, and doesn’t take off where it was before shutdown.
  • Background analysis doesn’t prevent the serving machine from sleeping/hibernating. This does cause background analysis to halt though…
    Ive supported the Wake on Lan request, which is related. Please let me add a request for Background analysis preventing sleep/hibernating mode on the server computer.


I don’t think this is true. The “total” does reset, though…So if you were at 4/100 before restarting the server, I’d expect you to be at 0/96 after the restart. Are you seeing differently?

That is an interesting idea, and very straightforward to build. I’ll put it on the list so we do it next time we have that part of the system under the knife.

I am not sure about the total, but the bottom number certainly is 0 :wink:
That shouldn’t be, it takes out a hard days work… and forces to start all over, which is most unwanted.

[quote=“brian, post:5, topic:12431, full:true”]That is an interesting idea, and very straightforward to build. I’ll put it on the list so we do it next time we have that part of the system under the knife.

Cool, please make it happen, and put it up the priority list :thumbsup:: Wake-on Lan, and prevent from sleeping/hibernating.
Alternative: Make Roon available for ‘PowerNap’, if at all possible of course.