Regularly Crashing on iPad Pro

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Description Of Issue
Since the latest major release last year, Roon is regularly crashing on my iPad Pro (every couple of days) requiring a full reinstall of the app. No problem noted on the other device, iPhone or PC.

Hi @dim_fink,

What version of iOS is the iPad running?

If you reboot the iPad when this starts happening does that also help to resolve the issue temporarily?

Hi, it took a while for the app to crash, but this happened again just now!
I was playing a Qobuz album, rebooting the ipad didn’t work nor did rebooting the pc server. I had to reinstall the app.

As additional note, on and my ipad air, 12.4.5, the app keeps working properly

Hi @dim_fink,

Thanks for the additional report. Unfortunately, since you re-installed the Roon app the logs would have been deleted.

If/when this behavior next occurs, can I please request that you let us know before you reinstall the app so that we can enable diagnostics mode and try to take a look at logs for the issue?


Yes- it just did again today please have a look

Hi @dim_fink,

I’ve just enabled diagnostics mode for your iPad. Can you please open the Roon app a few times and let it sit for a couple of minutes? Hopefully the log report will come through to our servers. Please let me know once you have done this so I can check for the report, thanks!

I launched it from ipad mini, which worked fine. I clicked a few times three ipad pro, which crashed after just a split of seconds

I managed to find a workaround. It seems the crash on ipad pro happens during the splash screen. I them clicked on an item (The cover) and the app became operational again!

Hi @dim_fink,

I can confirm that iPad logs have reached out servers.

Can you please clarify on this? What cover did you click on? An album cover?

Just here, before the app crashed
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Thanks for the additional info @dim_fink, I have mentioned this in your case notes.

Any news with this? I didn’t reinstall the app since i found the workaround, how this crash happens now frequently (daily).

Hi @dim_fink,

Thanks for pinging me. Yes, I did get a chance to discuss your case with QA and we believe this issue might be stemming from when you try to access a specific track/album object on your iPad, immediately before this occurs.

To gather some more information regarding what exactly is triggering this behavior, can you please let me know what exactly are you clicking on right before the crash occurs? Since you mentioned that this is a fairly often issue, I’m hoping that you could provide a screen recording of this issue which will display what you’re seeing right before the issue starts?

If you can upload the video recording of the issue to Dropbox / Google Drive, that would help a lot. Thanks!

There you are.

Recording before it happens is not really possible- this occurs usually when something is playing on the server, with the ipad using another app than roon. When I launch roon, this crashes

Hi @dim_fink,

Thank you for the video, I have attached it to your case with QA.

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