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I had to reinstall Rock from USB due to the big mess of downgrade from 2->1.8
I have a local hard drive with 1 Tb music
I could connect ONCE with Roon Remote.

Now, I can’t : It keeps on “Connecting” and I hear the NUC blowing so indexing is still on progress.
My Roon Remote is on Android Wifi i CAN NOT connect
Using Ethernet and Roon Windows, I can connect

Even while indexing, it should connect through Wifi !!!.


Ben here with the support team, my apologies for the delay in following up. After reviewing your account, I see all your roon devices are successfully on Roon 2.0, are you still running into connectivity issues?

If so, I would first suggest giving your network and router a hard reboot, followed by your core and remote devices.

I’ll be on standby for your reply :+1:

Hi Benjamin,

Everything is now fine. To solve my connectivity issue:

  • In my router, I had a MAC → Static IP translation. I have removed it, redone it with a DIFFERENT static IP.

As puzzingly it might be, it did solve the connectivity issue.
Don’t know if the issue was the router (actually an Orange LiveBox) or Roon.

But now it works, I’m happy again :slight_smile:

However, when a connectivity issue occurs, you should provide a bit more logs because it tooks me quite a long time to figure out what was going wrong.

Thanks for asking !

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