Release date for iOS App?

We are still shooting for end of June, but I fear we are going to run into Apple Store submission delays… we’ll see.

Android, iOS, and all other remotes will always will be free with your membership, including updates.


Thanks Danny, looking forward to a RoonPad July (-:

As all of us know, the new IOS code will be OPEN SOURCE. When can we expect a beta version of ROON for IOS 8 or 9 please ?

Mike S

Swift the development language is getting open sourced. iOS most certainly isn’t.

@DrTone is right. Nothing about Apple’s recent announcements changed the essential facts for Roon and iOS.

We are working on an iOS port for Roon. The limitations associated with the app store makes the work significantly more complex than porting to Android for artificial reasons rooted in Apple’s rules and regulations. This is why Android came out first.

Development is in progress on a day to day basis, and iOS support is our top priority at the moment. As soon as we have a firm release timeline, we will announce it.

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I think quite a few of us are waiting for this in order to make a final purchase decision :ok_hand:


If the Android app is anything to go by, the iPad apps will be fine: manageable on the mini 2 & 3, near perfect on the Air and Air 2. My guess would be that anything with an A5 CPU will be to slow for comfort, but we’ll see. The main advantage over Android is that there are only 2 display sizes to be reckoned with, both in 3:4, so app tuning/scaling for the available screen real estate is easier.

The difficulty with distribution through Apple’s App Store is that there’s little influence to be had on the approval process, which can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. So even if Roon for iPad is submitted in June and is approved in one go, there’s always the possibility for uncontrollable delays.


Sorry, now - iOS 9 will introduce a split screen (well multiple actually) view so you can run multiple visible Apps at a time. The more interesting features of this will be iPad Air 2 specific, but we all have iPad Air 2’s, don’t we?

More work.


Hmmm… While giving Roon even less canvas to draw on in Split Screen could be tough, a Slide Over with the structure of the future iPhone app could be very useful (and usable on a much wider range of iPads).

And for those that can’t wait on the app, you can use remote desktop on your ipad and get pretty much the same experience, as the ui is very similar for both pc and app.

I use both an Android tablet and remote desktop via my ipad.

Interestingly the Android app takes time to connect when ‘cold’, which offsets the remote desktop start with a warm Roon desktop client inside.

Starting Roon via remote desktop I do via a simple batch script (and only do when my roon server is rebooted).

I use splashtop app and functionality wise it works pretty well and there are no issues, but fonts are slightly blurry and definitely not as pretty as a native app.

Can’t wait for the native iOS app to be released,

I too am looking forward to an iOS app BUT I have to say, I tried a Surface 3 today and was REALLY impressed with it’s ability to act as a remote as well as second endpoint for my headphones. I am not tossing my iPad yet, but when the LTE version of Surface 3 gets released I may go that route.

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That, and Qobuz. Sorry, sorry, I know, I just couldn’t help it! :wink:

I think you have a great combo if you do LTE plus any Tablet + Tidal Only library (or a Matched to Tidal library).

The advantage of the Surface Pro 3 is the OS and the internal storage for local files.

Well the benefit I was looking at with the Surface (not Pro) was that Surface can run as an endpoint with my HUGO DAC for when I want to use ROON for listening to my headphones, rather than having a large (relatively speaking) laptop and my HUGO. The Surface also could be used as a remote like the new Android and forthcoming iOS app as well as a general computer for my Quicken, office products, other apps, etc

While I was “forced” to using windows products for work, my computer “ecosystem” has pretty much always been Mac, except for my music server and main home computer.

Having tried evaluation version of Windows 10 and Surface with 8.1 (not the greatest OS to say the least) I have to say, I think Microsoft has some excellent strategy that makes sense to me in a Roon environment once Roon is ready for all my needs.

Understand that iPad (or iPhone) should also be able to be used as an endpoint - you just connect your USB DAC via the “camera connection kit”, and Bob’s your uncle. I regularly use my iPhone to play both high res PCM and DSD to my iFi Micro iDSD when I travel :slight_smile:

But will the iOS app have your local AND Tidal songs?

I did not know that. Now that changes things.

I don’t know why not - if it’s acting as a remote to your server, it should act exactly like any other remote; i.e., all the music is “served” from your Roon server, in any case.

I left out the detail of when I am away from my local area network- i.e. Gym, Car, Office, or Friends house.