Release date for iOS App?

I appreciate that Roon were part of Meridain, who are notorious for being very guarded about release plans.
Are you able to give us at least an indication of planned release date for the iOS app?

Just so you’re aware, this is an absolute pre-requisite before I’ll be able to sign up as I very much need to keep “she who must be obeyed” happy.


[quote=“Mr_Sukebe, post:1, topic:1068”]I very much need to keep “she who must be obeyed” happy.
[/quote]Yep, different house, same boat :wink:

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And what is the minimum recommended iPad spec?

Speaking as an iOS developer, knowing that the Roon app will be Open GL based I would avoid the iPad 3 as that was the first retinal iPad and suffered from some serious graphics performance issues - basically the same (or very similar) GPU as the iPad 2 but 4x the number of pixels to push.

I would expect (But have no details) that their app will be iOS 8.1 (Or possibly iOS 9 - was are very close to WWDC when the new OS is bound to be announced) so I would recommend an iPad Air or iPad Mini 2 (You ca ignore the iPad Mini 1 as it is an A5 ARM processor (The original iPad Mini is basically a shrunk iPad 2))

The iPad Mini 3 is no faster than the iPad Mini 2.

The Air 2 is faster than the Air 1 (& iPad Mini’s) but the original Air is no slouch.

As the Mini 2 is still current you can bet your bottom dollar iOS 9 will be supported & will run well.

PS: If you are ONLY planing on running Roon then don’t worry about storage space (16Gb etc) but if you plan to use for other purposes the 64Gb is a realistic minimum.


PS: Any reply from Roon overrides all the above.

@Rik, thank you for that. You are spot-on.

When we have something to push, we will know better.

Tells me that I was right to buy a Nexus 9… :slight_smile:

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@VirusKiller – the Nexus 9 is a sweet little device… Did you upgrade to Android 5.1? So much faster than anything before.

Of course! Very quick, but 2 rows of 4 albums isn’t enough :wink: (I’m sure that you are sick of hearing this…)

this is fixed in the next build :slight_smile:

you will get an option for smaller covers/text on the browsers

Funny, I get a 4 wide by 6 down grid for 24 albums in Portrait mode…and 6 wide by 2 down for 12 Albums in Landscape mode…all on my phone

You should trade in that crusty old tablet :wink:

Not even a rough idea of a timescale for the iOS App?
I assume that it’s in some or other project plan?

@Ronnie – what device?

@Mr_Sukebe – June is the best I can say.

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I need this on iOS before I can commit it in full as well.

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Is the releasedate for android about the same time, June?

@riand1-- no, that is next week. hopefully early next week.

Hey Roonsters:

It’s June. I’m now officially a paying (full price) customer now and wondering about the ios app. Which, if I remember correctly, will be part of my subscription. Or will that subscription be different?

Thank you.

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+1 +2 wife +3 son for iPad app as soon as roonly possible. The normal rule of app development is iOS first, to get the early adopters and those who are prepared to pay for software (-:

I use my iPads for most of my music control now whether it is Sonos, Apple TV, old Escient Fireball and 2 audio systems so can’t wait for new IOS app to appear. I would have thought the same that IOS would come before Android but maybe it’s tougher to port correctly to IOS. Hoping for some good news on this soon now that I’m an annual subscriber. So far I’ve had no issues with Roon on my Macs but my Macbook Air is still a bit large for remote control.

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Pinging my question.