Release download URL is not the latest version

Hello everyone,

I am running Roon Core on Debian and have an issue with the release download URL. If I download from as of today (9 June 2020), I get the version 1.7 build 537. But right after the server starts, it claims that it’s not up to date and need a relaunch to update to build 555.

I have fornicated, pardon my French, twice my database with this and wonder why we don’t always get the latest release with the above URL. This is painful because I need to clean all, re-install, wait for auto-update, relauch to apply and then restore from backup my database.

So where to get the latest so when we re-install the server we don’t get an older version and corrupt the db?

In the logs, I can see this:

06/09 22:14:53 Debug: [base/updater] Update response: updateurl=
06/09 22:14:53 Debug: [base/updater] Update response: machineversion=100700555
06/09 22:14:53 Debug: [base/updater] Update response: displayversion=1.7 (build 555) stable
06/09 22:14:53 Debug: [base/updater] Update response: branch=stable
06/09 22:14:53 Debug: [base/updater] Update response: type=roon
06/09 22:14:53 Debug: [base/updater] Update response: changelog=
06/09 22:14:53 Debug: [appupdater] Update is available: 1.7 (build 555) stable, Compatible

So basically, it checks for an update here:

But how can I guess the version (100700555) of the build so I install the latest version initially?
Is there any RoonServer_latestupdate or anything with a stable URL or any service we can call to get the URL?


Thanks, @Torpi. I’ve passed this along to the team so we can get the link updated.

Thanks @dylan. As a workaround, I deactivated auto-update to prevent db corruption. I think I will add a check of the VERSION file in an install script as well to avoid such a situation in the future.

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