Release RoPieee 2022.06.4


On this hot summer day (at least in Europe :wink: ) another patch release.

Unfortunately the previous one had a serious regression on Allo Usbridge devices (related to the use of a cr*ppy network interface). That’s being fixed now.

And on another topic: it also confronted me (again) with the (increasing?) unpleasantries on this forum, which makes me wonder (again) why I’m doing this. Kudos to the @moderators team for stepping in though.

Here’s the changelog for completeness:

  • IMPROV: [XL] update HQPlayer NAA
  • FIX: upstream driver causes bandwidth issues on the Allo USbridge devices

So let’s relax a bit, enjoy the holidays and anjoy the music!

Regards Harry


Is this the latest @spockfish ?


I haven’t used RoPieee USB output in a long while (I use multiple RoPieee Touchscreen displays though), so giving it a try now

Nope. You are 2 quick :wink:

Website is updated just now, hit F5.


Just a reminder Harry provides this amazing software and service for free.
So as it’s warm, warm outside perhaps sooth his parched throat with some beer money.


Sorry to hear of the unpleasantries. It’s completely unacceptable. In the spirit of @ged_hickman1’s post I have made a modest donation. Have one on the me! And thank you for all your efforts. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s out of order to have a go at someone who has developed such a useful piece of software all for free. I’ve donated.


How to always have a working RPi4 running RoPieeeXL…

Not why I have two, but it doesn’t hurt to have a backup when you really rely on this thing. Thanks Harry.

EDIT: The RPi4 you see plugged in here is one I setup to normally connect by WIFI to my Dell XPS 15 Laptop hotspot for use away from home. The laptop uses my iDevices cellular hotspot data in that situation.


I totally agree with you @ged_hickman1 . Have been donating on a monthly basis (PayPal offers that) for a while now to support Harry because I use two Ropieee devices daily :smiley:
Just a suggestion for others :wink:



Don’t get disgruntled Spockfish. There are many, many more people out here who like and appreciate what you’ve done and continue to do. In that spirit I’ve dropped some beer money at your web site. Enjoy the beer while we enjoy music with RoPieee.


I’ve never had a single problem with Ropieee!
I have rpi4 without any huts and I can recommend it :slight_smile:
Thank you very much Spockfish!
Greetings from Poland!


Oh perhaps I should have mentioned my managerial and promotional costs up front?



Fully support all the positive sentiment here. Ropieee is great - works flawlessly, is feature rich and is fantastically supported by Spockfish - super helpful and the rate of updates / new features in Ropieee itself is very impressive. All Spockfish’s effort is much appreciated and I have put my money where my mouth is!


Good idea, and done. Thanks Harry @spockfish.


Sorry there is unpleasantness.
I think there must be a way you can ask for users who are out of line to be blocked, at least from “your” thread.

I took the hint and made another donation, too.
Keep up the good work Harry.


I have been using Ropiee for a couple of years now and it has served me very well. Thanks so much and some additional beer money has been sent.


When trying to go from 2022.06.2 to 2022.06.3 a few days ago, I encountered some glitch where ropieee.local became unresponsive a bit longer than normal and didn’t come back to life. Did a refresh of the page some 10–15 min later, and the normal view came back. But I was still on 2022.06.2 (and no new message about 2022.06.3 being available). Since I have had no issues with 2022.06.2 it was a non issue.

But noticed today when trying to go for 2022.06.4 that I first had to jump to 2022.06.3 funnily enough. Can’t remember if I ever had to do that before when I had skipped a version.

Anyway, updating in steps also went smooth, and we are operational again! Many thanks Harry.

Is that on a Pi 3?

Correct, it is on a Pi 3b.

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Those unpleasantries are unacceptable. You provide a wonderful solution, which I use on several devices in two countries. I’ve expressed my appreciation by donating a few times, and recommend that we all do this. As for the critics, or those who insist on being unpleasant, this seems to be an increasing problem not just in this part of the Roon community but everywhere. I used to enjoy reading these forums, but that enjoyment has been all but extinguished lately.
Please keep up the excellent work and know that we greatly appreciate what you have done for us.