Release RoPieee 2022.06.4

Most of the time it just works. I’ve had very few issues and the biggest one was due to a damaged microSD card, I’m now using high endurance ones that hopefully last longer.

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I know I certainly appreciate all you do Harry. Which is why I supported you with a donation. Incredible work I must say…Tim


I have ROPIEEEE XL version 2022.06.4 (459) running on a Pi4 ROON BRIDGE and use two USB ports to serve two different DACs. One is correctly discovered and plays up to 192kHz, the other, a TENTLABS B-DAC however plays only 44.1/48kHz and ROON downsamples all higher resolution files to 44.1 or 48kHz. I went to the Audio setup in Roon of course, but there is nothing I can set there to enable the full capabilities of the B-DAC. My other DAC shows at least the setting of its max capable Sampling Rate in the Roon Audio Menu.
I have of course rebooted the Roon Bridge when I attached the new B-DAC. Does ROPIEEE not pass on the DAC details/capabilities to ROON?

Help appreciated!

And Thanks for the great ROPIEEE Software, I sent a donation!


I will echo others sentiments here… I think it is completely unacceptable to be “unpleasant” towards a person who creates a software product and puts it out there for free. A good product too, one of the least problematic around. I recently donated a small amount of $$$ and will probably do it again. Just updated my Pi4 and everything seems to be working great (although it seemed to work fine before too!)


It does. Can you send me feedback (you can find that option on the advanced tab).


Done: bc104b6cfc5f871d
(beware, it serves two DACs!)

Thanks a lot for looking into this, appreciated!!

Well, my mistake: that DAC via USB ONLY supports 44.1/48kHz - consulted the makers page. My bad…
Higher resolutions only via SPDIF / TOSLINK

Sorry for that!

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