Release RoPieee 2023.11

Hi all,

Here’s another release: 2023.11!

I was about to wait out on the new Pi 5, but it’s being delayed again and again.
There’s plenty of stuff all over the place and I didn’t want to wait any longer.

The good news is that a lot of the Pi5 preparation work is done, so when I actually get one pushing out a release can go rather quick.

Anyways, here’s the changelog:

  • ENHANCEMENT: update Linux kernel
  • ENHANCEMENT: update Plexamp component
  • ENHANCEMENT: update Airplay component
  • ENHANCEMENT: update UPnP player component
  • ENHANCEMENT: update UPnP bridge component
  • ENHANCEMENT: tone down a bit the display update message
  • ENHANCEMENT: native DSD support for Astell&Kern PEE51
  • FIX: handle single quotes (') in display zone names

This is a staggered release. Which means it can take up until 2 days before it shows up on your unit.

One final note about XL vs ‘regular’:

In the (near) future only one single release will exist: RoPieeeXL. Slowly but steadily you can see the result of that over the last couple of releases. That means that, for example, only XL images can be downloaded. It also means that existing RoPieee units will be migrated to XL, but that will take a few more releases. With every RoPieee update some ‘under the surface’ changes are being rolled out, so eventually your RoPieee unit will automagically becomes a RoPieeeXL. I suspect that will happen at the beginning of next year. When that’s all done, and we live in a ‘RoPieeeXL universe’ only, the RoPieeeXL branding will be gone and everything will be branded RoPieee again.

I hope this clarifies a bit where we’re going; admittely I haven’t been entirely clear about this.

As always: enjoy!



Hello, Harry, may I know that in this release is a low latency kernel, or real-time kernel? Thanks. :blush:

Low latency. The maintenance burden of a RT kernel as long as it’s out of tree is just too high (for me). Looking forward to it being up streamed next year!

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Cool. Thanks a lot, Harry. :blush:

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Thanks Harry, with this update my pi display is upside down no matter the setting is default or rotated.

I also am experiencing this behaviour on my displays. I have tried changing the settings (configure and reboot), but no success.

Can you send me feedback? It works over here…

I tried changing to to default and then changing back to rotated. Feedback is after the second reboot.



hi @Nathan_Wilkes and @Coz ,

This is an unfortunate regression. It’s Pi 3 only, hence I didn’t notice it.
I’ll release an update asap (today) that will fix this.



My world is all upside down today. :rofl:

Thank you for taking a look so quickly, and thank you for RoPieee.


Same here

I could take the display out of it’s mounting in the wall and flip it over, but I think I will put up with it since Harry is working on an update.

No need to sent any more feedback about the screen rotation. Fix is imminent.



A hotfix for the reversed screens on the Pi 3 has been published. It has build number 1174 for regular RoPieee and 1175 for RoPieeeXL.

This update will appear in the next hours on your Pi 3 units.


Display back to normal :+1:

not seeing ropieee from iOS airplay menu … possible issue with nqptp?

feedback sent 5cf2386ae3ea13f8

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Yeah good catch. Indeed an nqptp issue. Preparing a hot fix now.

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Thanks again @spockfish .

A hotfix for Airplay 2 not working has been published. It has build number 1176 for RoPieeeXL on the Pi 3, and 1179 for for RoPieeeXL on the Pi 4.

This update will appear in the next hours on your XL units.