'Release Year' as album display option

Lots of options, but no Year. This is a detail I want to see when I browse my albums.
Thank you for your consideration

Release date is always displayed if the album was identified by Roon (or if the date was completed manually by the user).

You are right, if you view in Artist mode. But if you are browsing Albums or on Home the date is not displayed

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Big +1 to this one. It seems like low-hanging fruit in terms of being an easy feature to add, and it would be huge for me!

I love that Roon uses Year as the secondary sort for Album display (as usual, Roon gets it right!) If I could see the Year in the display as well, that’d be even more awesome.

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Was about to start a thread on this but saw someone else had beat me to it!

As Aaron says above, this should be very easy to do, since the option for format is already there. IMO release year is much more important than format when browsing your collection as a whole.

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I would also like this ability to display release year in the Albums view.

You should vote for it by clicking the button at the top of this page

This feels less like a ‘feature request’ than inconsistent behaviour in the interface.

As Ben points out above, the year shows on the Artists page, but not of the Album page.

Not sure why I’d want to see the bit/sample rate as summary info on the My Albums page but not the year the album was released. Surely the year an album in released is a key piece of info when scrolling though a long list of albums to find it.

Artist view

My Album view