Remote access to home Roon Server 2.0 with Laptop over VPN

Hi, I was hoping with Roon 2.0 that when I am away from home, say at a friends house, I can access my Roon Sever from my laptop over VPN using my friends internet service. The reason I am using a Laptop instead of Roon Arc is because I would like to plug an USB dac to the laptop. However, this does not seem to work. Should it?

Hi Hammer,

At the moment ARC is only for mobile phone devices.

Other people have gotten this to work, so it should be possible. See for instance


Yes I too have Tailscale working, initially on my iMac and afterwards I installed on my Raspberry Pi and will now use that as my main Tailscale node. They have good documentation on how to do it and in fact I have migrated a number of other devices, previously using port forwarding, into the Tailscale environment using their subnet capability. Incidentally I’m running Rock on NUC 10th Gen i3.