Success with Tailscale VPN

This might be of interest to anyone who’s been struggling to get Roon working over a VPN.

I installed Tailscale VPN on my roon server and on my iPhone… and it just worked. No extra configuration or tinkering required. Roon Remote auto-detection and streaming work over the VPN connection.

Tailscale is a commercial VPN based on Wireguard, it’s free for personal use. I’ve found it to be excellent.


Thanks for sharing that.
I will have a closer look, but a pity there is no Synology version available, though I have a couple of Pi’s around, though not sure they have the right package manager installed.
I might have to try repurpose a spare if that is the case.

You need to install Tailscale on your Roon server itself.

Ah no go there as it runs on Rock