Remote app crashing constantly on iPhone SE

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Core: HP i7 Windows10 Pro, Roon 1.7 Build 610

Direct Ethernet connection via Xfinity router
to dCS Rossini network DAC

Description Of Issue

Roon Iphone SE remote shuts down constantly. This seem to start with last build and/or with an IO 13.X upgrade within last month. Seems worse with build 610
The app stays open about 20 seconds and closes.

Hi @James_Graves,

Is there any change in behavior if you try to reinstall the Roon app from the App Store?

Hi Noris,

I downloaded the re-installed the app a few times - no change in behavior. In fact. I think it would shut down faster with last update.

It did not do this before; it started a few months ago. Something has changed.

There are lots of threads about iPhone app crashes. Mine will crash randomly once a day, but for constant crashes (i.e., 30 seconds after restarting the app) happens once a week at minimum. The only solution I have for the constant crashing is to restart the iPhone.

I have sent them lots of crash data, and I hope one day they resolve the issue. Until then, I use it until it is unusable then restart my iPhone to use it again. I have been using iPhones for ten years, and this is the only app I have used that requires a phone restart to have the app work again.

fingers crossed

Hi @James_Graves,

Thanks for trying the app reinstall. As @TuliaNonTroppo mentioned, we are actively looking into this issue, if you would like to try a special version of Roon that has additional debugging information regarding this, please see the post below:

I would also second the suggestion of trying a full reboot of the iPhone, perhaps this will help.

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