Remote app not connecting to core after router change [resolved: was firewall issue]

Telstra provided a new router and after changing the router to a Telstra Smart modem 2 iPad and iPhone will not connect to Roon core running on a windows 10 PC (roon version 1.8 build 814) IPad version 1.8.00814. Reload of app made no difference.

All devices on same subnet. No changes to switches (netgear Prosafe gs108 several) everything worked fine until router change. DCS app still works fine using Twonky UPNP server to same PC and IPAD.

Core - windows 10 PC I-7 processor 4790K CPU 4.00Ghz OS Build 19043.1110 windows features experience pack 12-.2212.3530.0

At a loss how to proceed


I’ll let support come in with the normal path forward here, but i wanted to add something:

I’ve been noticing a lot of these new routers doing IPV6 inside the LAN. Try disabling that in your router settings. There is no reason to use IPV6 inside the NAT’d LAN, and it’ll just cause issues.



Thanks for the help

I think I just found the culprit - turning Microsoft Defender Active Public Networks firewall off fixes the issue

have added Roon to the list of allowable apps through the firewall and turned firewall back on - All working ok now


For helping us understand this very common type of support issue, could you tell us how this may or may not have coincided with the router change?


It was definitely due to the router change, which is confusing that it affected the windows 10 core PC. Roon was working fine before the router change and no special entries in the firewall to let Roon operate. somehow the IP address changes due to the router change caused the issue.


windoze love to mess with the ethernet settings when you change the interface its connected to - like it detects a different type of network - gee thanks windoze.

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