Remote connection to roon music library?

Is there a way to use back to my mac or some other type of remote login to connect to my roon music library remotely? works fine while I’m on the same network…just trying to figure out if there is a way to access the music library when I’m not at home.

Vpn seems to work for some. Roon uses a whole port range which is not ideal with firewalls.

the next build will have over-the-intenret connection + browsing an remote control of your zones, but no private zone playback, making it not so great.

we are looking at getting private zones to work over the internet


Right…if I understand all the terminology what I’m looking for is over-the-internet plus private zones so that I can receive the files from my home music library to my laptop remotely. This of course would require major buffering…but given the remote/DAC would own the clock it seems like it might work if you guys can figure it out.

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