Remote connection waiting for remote core because of IP address

Because of a streaming issue I was told to

“Reinstall RoonOS and RoonServer”,
“Stop and Restart RoonServer” &
“Reset all Settings / Database".

I did that and then got a message

“Settings and databases have been reset successfully. However, it seems the IP address of your device has changed so you will need to return to the Roon application to determine the new IP of this device”.

Unfortunately, I can’t because “Remote connection is waiting for remote core”. I have restarted MacBookPro, which is running the remote connection, rebooted the router, turned the Nucleus (smaller model) off and on again.

The Nucleus is visible on the network (ethernet).

Try rebooting your router, then the core & finally the client/controller, it might resolve things…:crossed_fingers:t4:

I did that. Thank you! I should clarify that I can see the new ip address in the router and contact the Nucleus via that address, and reboot it, but I can’t use the same computer to control the Nucleus with Roon, as I usually do, nor do other remotes work.

As your old Core (DB) is no more …

… try and click on “Select a different Core” to see a list of detected running Cores and select the one you wish to connect to.

Ah, is it gone? If I were to select a different core, what happens to the music? Would it
mean losing all the metadata changes I have made (a great deal)?

I suppose if necessary I can restore from a backup. Is it necessary?

Roon is software and the Core it refers to is its database. As you wrote in the OP that you “Reset all Settings / Database", your old Core (database) is now no more and a new empty one got created instead.

The Roon database is not your music library. Your music library is still where she was before - but you may have to tell your new Roon Core where that is.

If you have a backup from your old Core you might be able to restore that and get your DB changes back (Caution: By restoring a backup you might also get your issues back.). If you made the metadata changes you refer to in your files instead, they are still there.

Ah, thank you. Quite logical if I had thought about it… I hadn’t thought I would be told to do something so radical. How do I know whether the changes are in the files or the database? You say “might”… is there some doubt?

I am a classical music person, which means I can’t really tolerate having Bach appear under Bach, Johann, JS, or something to do with the title or artist. I sometimes choose Roon’s choice for the title if it was Bach, for example, but sometimes wrote in new.

I find:

Is it really okay to do this?

By remembering how you made the changes. Was it in Roon or in an external tool to manage your file tags.

As I wrote above, restoring a backup might restore the issue(s) which to resolve you reset your core’s DB in the first place and therefore not be a viable option. You can try and figure how it works out for you - you can always reset again if needed.

As your old Core is already gone, this is what you have to do to gain access to your new Core.

Thank you. It is all back, I think. Some better messages along the way on the Roon system would have helped me avoid this. I understand that I might get the issues back, but can try to find that out next.

If I have to go back through this, the changes I’m concerned about were made in Roon. Earlier ones were made in another system and came through into Roon. I imagine they would still be there but from what you say I assume that changes made in Roon are part of the database and not the files.

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