Remote crashes on iPad

Remote crashes every single time when returning to it after using other apps.

I am genuinely losing my patience with the way Roon runs on iOS devices.

Remote used to crash before upgrading to latest build, however, it was rather rare and did not bother me that much.

iPad Pro 2021, remote and ROCK are all up to date.

I did everything from resetting or offloading the app, restarting the iPad and installing the app fresh. No joy.

PS: If you don’t have any issues with iOS, please don’t come here telling me how you’re a happy camper. It does not help! Cheers.

If it helps, I can elaborate on my setup:

  • No local library. Only streaming Qobuz and Tidal.
  • One remote on an iPhone 13 Pro. The scrolling on this is painful and I tend to use it very rarely because of this. Reported already.
  • One remote on an iPad Pro 2021. Was fine until the latest build and now crashes constantly. Reported already.
  • One remote on a MacBook Pro 2017. This runs great!
  • ROCK running on a NUC 8i3BEH (wired to 150Mb fibre connection router) configured as per screen grab below.



Raz I am a very happy Roon on Android camper :roll_eyes:

Though I also suffer the IOS on iPad Pro crash practically everytime I open the app on my 11" 2018/2019 device. I think that the older iPad Pro’s had less memory as Apple tried to meld the world in its image, but I am surprised that the latest versions suffer the same problems as they have much more memory, but still try to control background task’s (why given the huge battery)

I never have the issue on my OnePlus 9 Pro as I have opted Roon out of battery and memory management control by the OS.
I would prefer to use Roon ony iPad but I am probably 90% using my Android phone these days.

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When I first subscribed to Roon I had an iPhone X which did not do a very good job either way so I did not think too much of it. Then Vodafone upgraded me to the 13 Pro and I was expecting the remote to run smooth like butter… but oh no, it’s painful (someone on here called it seizure inducing) and you know how much I’ve been complaining about it :frowning:

I then got a very good deal on a new iPad Pro and hoped at least this one would run the remote flawlessly. Whilst the remote on the iPad was not as bad as on the iPhone, I never really complained on here since I had at least one device to run the remote decently.

But now, with the iPad crashing all the time, I’m genuinely loosing my patience with Roon. I may as well drop it and get on with BluOS which if free for me and gives me no headaches.

It’s clear their app is not optimised for iOS and disappointing to see they’re doing bugger all about it.


I hear you and know you have complained for some time. I don’t think that Roon are doing nothing about it, I think they are trying to deliver a solution and it’s taking longer than planned.

Roon’s software is all multi platform and as someone who used to lead development of multi platform software I can tell you it’s not easy. The worst of all world’s experience, trying to deliver the best of all words.

I do believe Apple are partly responsible for this as they still have Draconian memory and battery management controls while claiming that iPads are now suitable for laptop style work loads.

Unless Roon suck it up and develop platform specific applications (Which would start a whole new war) this problem is not going to go away.


The iPhone scrolling issue many of us are complaining about has been reported since 2019. It’s 2022 and nothing has been done, apart from “we’re working on it”. But that’s another bone I have to pick with Roon and it’s got its own thread on here.

I am well aware of this, and I have a multitude of other apps running on the same devices which do not cause my blood to boil. I am also aware Roon may be more complex than some, however, I should not need NASA grade equipment to run it :slight_smile:

Ah this is what I read on here a lot - issues with Roon are either blamed on ones network or kit :slight_smile: Others managed to build smooth running apps. Roon should too :slight_smile:

That said, I do appreciate Roon and the fact that they’re constantly trying to add new features, but would it not be better if they took a breather and fixed the all the bugs users on here have been complaining about before adding more new features and more bugs, which ultimately and inevitably result in more workload for their team.

I have been here for one year now and seen all sorts of complaints and feel like I’m paying to be a beta tester.

End of rant/Just my two pence :slight_smile:


Like I said I hear you and agree with most of your comments.
I don’t want to sound like i am making excuses for Roon, and we are all torn between wanting new features and stability and features that work properly.

I hope you get your iOS fixing buttery smooth version of Roon soon and if it makes my iPad work better and stops it restarting constantly then I will be ecstatic as well.


I know you’re not making excuses :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed they’ll sort things out. In the meantime, I think I’ll let my subscription expire and keep an eye on this forum until I read some good news.

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As long as you come back and post some good Metal recommendations I can wait for your triumphant return as a Roonie :grin:

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When does your subscription expire?

You got some insights Kev :joy_cat:

Scrolling issues, crashes, dangerous volume behavior, etc., it’s all so frustrating for those iOS users who have experienced this stuff. And no, it’s not my network. Like others, I’ve let my subscription expire, but come back to check in regularly with the hope that these bugs will eventually get squashed. In the meantime I’m on Apple Music and quite enjoying the silky smooth apps and iOS compliant UI. I do miss Roon’s metadata and will come back if they ever clean up these apps.

Sorry Kev. Fell asleep :sleeping: March 3rd.

I am using ipad mini 6 and Roon crashes my ipad that it makes iPad restart and halt at “loading” screen indefinitely.

Roon remote version 1.8 build 898
Roon server version 1.8 build 898
iPad iOS version 15.3

Brand new iPad mini, Roon is literally unusable , have to use streaming apps.

If this is not fixed in the next build I am done with Roon, absolutely maddening.

Hi folks. Long time Roon (lifetime) and Apple user here. There have always been niggles and crashes with Roon and iOS and MacOS (it’s not just the mobile version that suffers).

The latest problem for me is that the Remote app just freezes on iOS requiring me to kill the app and reload. This has been happening for months now and yet I think there have been several software updates in that time.

I guess my question is are the Roon team aware and do they have it on their backlog?


This has just started happening, yesterday, on my Gen.3 iPad pro 12.9.” Roon app crashed the OS which took about 10 minutes before I could get the iPad working again.

However. Same problems as described here with an iPad Air latest generation as remote. some , freezes and crashes …. each time I am using it.

This happens to me about 50% of the time when I pause a song and try to resume it.

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Same here. Relaunching Roon on my iPad mini has simply become second nature by now…

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