Remote crashes when trying to play M4A files

I am having a possibly related problem on my Synology NAS. My library contains several .m4a files purchased from the iTunes store over a decade ago, when apple was using a different DRM system. Whenever I try to play any these files, the Roon Remote crashes and is unable to play anything until I reboot my Macbook Pro.

If there is no other solution, is there a quick and automatic way to hide all affected files? Note that this does not affect all .m4a files, only the very old ones, and I do not want to have to replace everything with the .m4a extension

Hi @Anders_Huitfeldt ,

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Can you let us know the exact local time + date of your next crash? We’ll activate diagnostics and take a look to see if your remote logs have any clues.

Thank you Noris, I will trigger a crash by playing one of these files when I get back from work today. But I just wanted to first note that I am new to Roon and used the wrong name for the software. I meant to say that Roon Desktop on my Macbook Pro crashes (rather than Roon Remote). I am using the laptop both to select music and as the endpoint

It is behaving differently today, now it simply skips the track without crashing. This is strange, I reproduced the problem at least four times last week. Perhaps something was fixed with Roon 2.0? I will get back to you if it the problem occurs again.

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