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Used to be able to control volume from the remote device I was using - iPhone, iPad or Laptop. Now I can only control volume via the Mojo manually.
Now when I try to adjust volume remotely I see a ‘Volume Control is fixed’ message on every remote. Can’t see how to return to being able to adjust volume remotely. I am sure I am being thick and have unknowingly changed a setting somewhere. Any suggestions how to get back to using my iPhone or iPad to adjust volume remotely gratefully received. Thanks in advance.

In device settings

Thanks…that is how I have it set up…any other areas I should be checking?

Check the settings on the microRendu. AFAIK it’s the bridge that has to accept the volume change commands and apply DSP volume processing to the signal before sending it to the Mojo as the Mojo doesn’t react on those commands (you have to use the knobs to change volume on the Mojo).

Note: Enabling DSD input/playback usually implies “fixed volume” too.


That’s the solution. Had to toggle Volume Control to ‘Software’ on the MicroRendu Settings. Thank you very much.

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