Remotes won't connect to Qnap Roon Core

Hi guys
After I did the last update for Roon, none of my remotes can connect to the ROON server. The ROON server is ready (green an I am seeing it from the remote however I cannot connect)

I have a QNAP TVS 471, connected with a Netgear Nighthawk 8500 router.
The only updates done lately were for the QNAP - firmware and Roon 1.7 - 571. Before the updates the remotes were working fine.
Solutions tried without success: rebooted everything router, QNAP, remotes.
Reinstalled Roon server.
Cannot find access connections from remotes.
Thank you in advance

There is an known issue for the QNAP app:

There is also a fix for it:

Until the fixed version is available in the QNAP App Centre you have to live with the current situation or manually install the fixed App:

I hope this helps.

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Hi @Petre_Draghici,

Are you also using the latest version of Roon on your remotes/controllers?
I would try using the updated package for QNAP that @BlackJack mentioned to see if that helps as well.

First of all thank you for the quick support.
The unauthorized solution worked for now. I will keep you guys in the loop for any new developments.
PS: Roon and all the remotes are last versions

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Hi @Petre_Draghici,

This update is not in Roon itself, but the way that Roon is packaged. I would perform the manual install as Blackjack noted or the new package should be up once it goes through the QNAP app approval process.