Remotes won't reconnect after being inactive for a while (Android and ios)

I have Roon server installed on a brand new Windows 10 computer and an iPad Air 2 (ios 11) and an android phone (oreo) I use as remotes.

Both remotes usually connects without problems, but if the music have been playing for a while without input from me they struggle to reconnect.

I get the “search for Roon Core” screen, but they just stay there. The weird thing is that it usually just happens with one remote at the time.

If, for example, the iPad won’t connect, I can try with the android phone and it usually connects right away. And when it does, the iPad connects too.
Same thing happens if it’s the other way around too. If the phone won’t connect the iPad will and when it does the phone does do.

(The music is playing so the Roon server is running)

I hope someone can help because I have no idea how to sort this out :slight_smile:

Hey @Per_Atle_Eide,

This must be a network related issue. Please, describe your network setup in all the details.


I have a modem/router with wireless (Zyxel) that the computer connects to wirelessly. Then the Roon server sends the signal back to the router which sends it to a Bluesound Node (via Ethernet, I think)

Everything else on the iPad and phone works connected to the same wifi and the signal is solid.

Update: I’ve tried connecting the computer to the router with an Ethernet cable now to see if that helps

After trying with the pc connected to the router with ethernet it looks like that has fixed the problem. The connection is sometimes a bit slow to load, but it hasn’t failed to load yet

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