Remove editorial ratings

These frustrate me to no end and I don’t like that there’s no way to disable them.

It shouldn’t be hard to just give us an option for them not to show?


You’re right. The stars can’t be made invisible, but at least you can replace the editorial rating with your own, but you probably knew that, didn’t you?

I think your feature request makes a lot of sense and the “disable ratings” option should be easy to implement.


To balance the discussion, I find the ratings are very useful, especially when discovering new artists, and integral to the Roon experience. The fact that I don’t always agree with a rating or for that matter a review isn’t important since I can add my own rating anyway.

I’m curious why this frustrates. How do you use Roon?


Search, press play. Metadata integration is too limited and rough around the edges to bother with it at present.

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Agree with the OP here. I’d like a way to hide stars, even heart and Focus can go away. I never use any of it. The ‘Originally Released’ and ‘Added’ can be hidden too, but it is nice to see ‘Released’ which I tend to edit to reflect the original album release.
I also turn off audio analysis and volume leveling - luckily there is already options to disable this.

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I’m not the OP, but I’ll answer this anyway. I use Roon as a music player. My library is quite small and I do not use Tidal so I do not need or want any ‘help’ in deciding what to play. If my library was bigger or I was accustomed to Facebook or similar I guess I could use some help. However, I belong to those that never use FB or Twitter or the ‘others’ (no account with any of them). I also dislike to be forced to log on to Google Play to get updates for my Android…

Roon is so much more than a music player. What’s more, it’s not about needing help to decide what to play. Rather, it’s about discovering new music, relationships between artists, songwriters, producers, sub-genres and so on.

I don’t understand the relevance to social media.

Roon is a great player to me, maybe even the best for Windows. There are many websites that allow you to discover new music, and literally every other thing you just said, it does not need to be done in Roon for me. At least give us the option to disable it.

But that’s Roon’s USP! And it’s one of the most important reasons for using Roon. :slight_smile:

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I’d like to be able to hid this as well, and/or have more editorial options like RS.

Oh I know all of that. I have a Roon lifetime license. Roon is a music player to me. I use and love its DSP and RAAT is fabulous, but I do not care much for the other stuff. It is too unreliable - not the part Roon does, but their sources of meta data. The reference to social media is there because ‘likes’ and other popularity symbolism comes from there. “That track must be good because it has sold many millions…!” “Five stars!” “I must buy it!”
For many the meta data stuff is the most important, for others it is different. I do not want to remove any of these functions, just be able to hide it so it is not cluttering my screens.

The star ratings are not based on popularity. They are the rating given by a music critic. Likewise, the “Likes” are for your reference only. Nothing to do with social media.

Your opinion, for me (and many others) it’s multiple room streaming. Sound quality and overall usability of the player are also good.

As a workaround, I can edit each album individually and make it so that it uses the file’s metadata instead of Roon. But again, it’s too much work and I would rather there be an option to completely disable editorial ratings. That OR an option to ctrl + a lots of albums and make them not use Roon metadata.

That option is already there.

I misread it, thought you said “editorial rantings”.
Damn right, I’ll provide my own rants.

How? I can’t see that option anywhere.

Not my opinion, it’s what Roon say about their product.

Roon looks at your music and finds photos, bios, reviews, lyrics, and concert dates, and makes connections between artists, composers, performers, conductors, and producers.

What you get is a searchable, surfable magazine about your music.

That’s Roon’s USP and I don’t think it should be compromised. The other features you mention aren’t unique to Roon.

For a newcomer it took some time until I realized that Roon hasn’t corrupted all my iTunes ratings. They’re just ignored. :wink:

Well, I like the discovery and the editorial ratings but not as a replacement for non-rated (by myself) stuff. That’s mixing up two different meanings. Sometimes I also want to see the rating of an album, I’ve already rated. In bad light situations it’s also not so easy to differentiate which rating I’m looking at.

“it’s one of the most important reasons for using Roon”

This is your opinion. Everyone has their own reasons for using Roon and what they like the most about the player. For me, it definitely isn’t metadata.

“The other features you mention aren’t unique to Roon”

I’ve tried many other players like Foobar, MusicBee, and the sound quality isn’t as good as Roon – they don’t look as great either, and as far as I know they aren’t as flexible (ethernet audio transport for example).

I made the request for this to be optional, there isn’t anything to be comprised. If you don’t like this, I’m not sure why you’re even posting here.

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You can select multiple albums in the album browser and then use the Edit function to set them to prefer your file metadata, in preference to using Roon’s metadata.

Selection can be done by right-clicking or press-and-hold (for a touch interface). You can also select ranges (e.g. in Windows: select the first album, then Shift-left-click the last album in the range. Ctrl-left-click will toggle the selection of an album).

Once you’ve got your albums selected, see the “Bulk Edits” section here.