Removeing Folders from Settings Import

Is there a way to remove a folder from the Settings > Import Audio from folder list?

I know you can enable or disable a folder but I’d like to be able to remove it from the list completely.


There is a REMOVE function along with Disable…

But what does it do? :stuck_out_tongue:

Where is the “Remove” function?

Roon/preferences/storage, then click the cogwheel image next to the folder you want to remove, and click “Remove”.

Removes “watched” folders.

Yes it does! What kind of folders are you looking to remove then? There are only “watched folders” and “organised folders”.

In Roon 1.1 on Mac OS X 10.10.5, I have both Disabled Watched and Organized Folders that do not show the cog/gears icon, only an Enable button.

If you enable them then the cog icon will appear and you can then remove them.

When I enable this folder, the cog icon appears, but no remove option. Only Force Rescan and Disable.

Hmmm, I just enabled some disabled folders and found the same thing. Some of my folders have remove and others don’t. Do any of yours have remove ?
I’ll shift this thread into Support where @mike or one of the other devs will pick it up and let us know what’s happening.

Yes, some do and some don’t.

We include your Music folder here by default, and we do the same thing if iTunes is detected on your system. Those can’t be removed from the list, only disabled.

Are you guys unable to remove folders that you’ve added, or just the stock ones I just mentioned?

I added an Organized folder that’s a sub-folder of ~/Music, which I now realize doesn’t make any sense. I cannot remove it.

Hi mike,

There are two folders that do not have remove options for me. I think both are stock folders.

One is an organised folder labelled “Roon Folder”

One is a watched folder labelled “Music”

During initial setup, I seem to recall being asked to specify an organised folder. I created a folder in Music named Roon. @soundserge may have done the same.

When RoonServer became available, I shifted the database from my PC to a BRIX. The above folders moved with the database, renaming themselves to the only user account on the BRIX. The C:\ drive on the BRIX however, is just a small mSATA SSD with an optimised operating system running RoonServer. The library is on a larger SSD in the BRIX. I disabled both the above folders, but would prefer to remove them.

I think my iTunes stock folder disappeared after the database shifted because there is no iTunes on the BRIX. I do not pine for it.

On a broader note, it may be that other users have also created the stock organised “Roon” folder within the stock watched “Music” folder. I wonder if this could be contributing to the duplicates issues that sometimes crop up ?

Ok, this is interesting. @vova – can you try to reproduce this?

During initial setup we prompt you for the location of your music to set up watched folders.

This happens automatically during setup – this is where music goes if you drag and drop into Roon and don’t have another organized folder setup – User Name/Music/Roon. I wish the duplicates thing was this simple…

which Music Folder is the default

I have a mini mac with a music folder on it I don’t wan’t to be used and external drive I’ve mapped to Roon using add a folder.

I have the music folder disabled and then the mapped folder folder is watched

Is this the correct way to do it given what i describe or was there a way to map the music folder to the folder i wanted on my external drive?