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I don’t know why it is so difficult to remove a TIDAL album from my library.

I see a TIDAL album I like so I added it to my library. Some time later I decided to purchase the album and download it onto my music server. Now both the TIDAL version and the physical version are now appearing in my library. Now I want to remove the TIDAL version from my library so that only the physical version appears in my library. So I go into the TIDAL version and then click on the “…” and then select to delete from library. It then asks me if I wish to remove from TIDAL Favorites. Not sure why it is referring to “Favorites” when I just want it gone from my library, which mean only the TIDAL version is to be removed, not my physical version. However, when I look at the Album view, not only has the TIDAL version disappeared, but also my physical version. All that I want to remove is ONLY the TIDAL version.

Dear Roon developers, why are you making it so hard? In the past, when I remove an album from my library, it also meant removing all files belonging to that album from my music server. This has given me a very very bad experience and I feel nervous every time I think about removing a TIDAL album from my library.

If you don’t remove it from your Tidal Favorites, it will continue to show up in your Roon library. That’s how that works. Maybe you need to remove it from Roon library and Tidal Favorites and then add back your local version.

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