Removing cover art

I’ve deleted some cd’s from within the edit facility in Roon but the cover artwork is still there, if I go back into the edit facility and try to delete the cd again it says no tracks are found, so Roon has deleted the tracks from the HD but left the cover artwork, how do I remove the artwork please?

If you have deleted several albums, you should go to Settings / Library and Clean up the deleted files. This removes them from the database.

Hi Daniel
Thanks for your input, I tried your idea but unfortunately the cover artwork is still there, anything else I can try?

Hi @Mike_Durham,

Can you try rebooting your Core to see if that helps? If that does not, do you mind sharing a few screenshots of the issue by using these instructions?

– Noris

Hi Noris

After rebooting the core the cover art has gone, thanks for your help.


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