Renaming artists not a good idea?

Dear Support

As my mother tongue is German, I was glad to see that you are able to rename the artists to their German names, like from “Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra” to “Berliner Philharmoniker”. However this created an issue with almost all albums with this artist, as both names are now showing up (happens with Qobuz albums as well as my own ones):

I thought well, lets rename it back to English, but the problem still persists. Have I messed up something with my roon database? Is there a way to let roon know that “Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra” and “Berliner Philharmoniker” is the same artist?

Note: While Roon allows you to change the UI language to German, the content generally stays in English.

Documentation about editing: User Guide > Editing and Grooming Your Collection > Editing

If you just want to revert your edit(s), go to the editor (where you changed things in the first place) and click on “Revert Edits …” (bottom left).

If you need more assistance you might have to be more specific about what you changed where exactly.

I am not talking about the UI (I keep it in English to have a more integrated experience), I just renamed the artist page. I tried the “revert edits” button, with no avail:

renamed artist 2

Or is this “normal” behaviour and not due to me renaming the artist?

Changing an artist name and later on reverting the edit works for me without problem. So it’s still unclear what exactly you did, especially as you keep posting pictures of the album (or composition?) page while talking about artist(s).

Well I clicked on the artist hyperlink on an album, changed the name on the page dedicated to the artist, and now all albums are showing the album artist twice (in English and German).

That’s what I see on one of my albums for example:

The non linked artist is coming from my file tags.

So it might be the same for you. If you initiate a search for Berliner Philharmoniker does Roon show you an artist result with that name?

Yes! So roon knows that it´s the same, why is it showing the artist in two languages? Or is this a feature not a bug :wink:

If Roon doesn’t show an artist result with the name of Berliner Philharmoniker (as it seems to be the case) then the revert of your edit seems to be successful as far as I can tell.

I can’t comment on the question if the display of the German name is a bug or a feature as I’m just another user. :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe what @SwissChris is seeing is something between a bug and a missing feature. :sunglasses:

If for example the artist name got changed Roon will know about it except when matching Album Artists. Why Roon, “knowing” that Berliner Philharmoniker is the artist formerly displayed as Berlin Philharmonics (the ID of the artist didn’t change), doesn’t make use of this information I’ve no idea.

Have come across this from time to time; usually, I then change the Album Artist (not the Primary Artists) value for the album.

@SwissCriss: I had several scenarios like this. I simply picked the two artists (in your case orchestras) and clicked Merge and picked the artist I want to use. From that point on you should always see the name you want, including new albums added to your collection.

Hope this works

It’s nowhere mentioned that there are two or more artists present. It surely isn’t the case for my example. Changing an artist name (edit on artist page) also did not create a new artist. So there is nothing to merge here and in the case it is, then most-likely not because of renaming an artist.

I am surprised this doesn’t come up more.

If you don’t want duplicate artists in the header on that page then you have to align both the primary artist and the album artist:

I have tried merging artists, renaming artists etc., and that will help you in other scenarios but not this. My personal experience is that for this reason I probably edit almost all Classical imports. It can be difficult to remember, let alone guess, what the default names are for many Classical artists because it is not consistent that the default roon name is English, German, French, Italian, Czech, Spanish, Russian etc. etc. So in the example above “Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra” (English) is the default but on the other hand Weiner Philharmoniker (German) is the default.

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First of all thank you all for your input, very much appreciated! Well I am wondering if someone from Roon is monitoring the support threads? I have more then 100 albums with this issue and would find it quite cumbersome to manually correct each single one. Roon was recommended to me to be specially suitable for classical music, but it seems that the tagging in this case is weird. As the software already recognizes that e.g. Wiener Philharmoniker and Vienna Philharmonic is the same artist, it should not be a lot of work to correct the tagging logic. Or should I open a bug report?

I don’t think roon would consider this a bug. You could open a feature request. I am pretty sure I opened one a few years back but I cannot find it now. If you can pin this down to just 100 albums I would just manually edit it. There are many feature requests primarily affecting Classical that have gone unaddressed for a long time now.

… basically meaning nobody really cares about classical music at Roon, which therefore makes it pretty much unusuable for classical out of the box. Unless you invest weeks to correct all the wrong data provided by Roon - which makes that hefty annual fee just a little bit of a joke.

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