Reorganizing an existing Playlist (ie: adding a song in a specific spot within an existing playlist)

I love making Playlists. The process seems to be a little too basic though, and I was wondering if there is something I am missing, such as how to reorder my playlists or how to insert a new song behind a specific song within the playlist and not have it just placed at the bottom of the existing playlist.

With a program as sophisticated as Roon it is hard to believe these few basic features are not already offered. Am I just missing the procedure on how to perform these tasks or has the Roon Team just not delved into this aspect of the program yet? I would love to reorganize a few of my existing playlists without having to delete them and then create a new playlist with the same songs but in a different running order. I would be really frustrated if on the second try at creating the playlist I inadvertently missed a song and then could not insert it where I wanted it to go and had to start all over again.


Complete agreement from my side.

Roon Playlists are really bad at the moment.
It’s absolutely static!

Adding titles to a playlist while it is playing is useless, because they are not recognized in the playing queue.

Moving titles in a playing playlist during playback is useless, because the queue is static.
Title moves are not recognized as well.

Adding songs to a playlist.
You get no notice about still exisiting songs in the playlist.
This is terrible.

If i work on playlist for several days maybe i have many double entries in it.
Ok, I can check for double entries manually by filtering for that.
But this checks should be done during playlist editing.

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I want to merge playlists… or put selectet titles around diffrent playlists. how can i do that. hard to belive that Roon is so static…

Maybe I misunderstand what you mean, but on the left of each track in a playlist there is a little 2x3 grid of dots. Drag it to move the track. This applies only to Roon playlists, not to Qobuz/Tidal playlists that you view within Roon. To do it in a Q/T playlist, you first need a local copy in Roon (open the 3-dot menu of the playlist). For Q/T playlists, you need to do it in the Q/T app


Well I’ll be! I messed around with everything but that. That solves my biggest issue. I am so grateful for that tidbit of info. Probably should have figured out on my own but did not so once again this forum comes through. Thank you. At this point I am going to get busy taking care of the things in my playlist that were bugging me. I will be satisfied with this for the moment.

I did start to mess with the order, but needed to listen to hear what made sense in terms of what followed what, and as mentioned above in other posts, the playlist remained as it was in its original order. I am guessing I need to leave the playlist and restart it each time I make a change to hear if the new order makes sense or not. Not liking this, am I again missing something? It really does need to be dynamic, so you make a change as it plays and you hear your change to know that the change made sense. Oh well, maybe in the future. Playlists have a way to go.

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You are just a new player in a very old game (we lost, by the way): We want your ideas for Playlists! - Roon Software - Roon Labs Community

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