(REPEAT ISSUE x3 !) Roon Core Will Not Update to 1202

Core Machine
• ROCK 2.0 build 1193
• NUC8i5BEH (256GB SSD; 8GB RAM)

• Nokia BGW320-505 gateway (AT&T)
• Netgear switch (GS305) to NUC and bridge
• Ethernet to NUC (music files and database BU folder on WD Passport HDD connected to NUC)
• Ethernet to Roon Bridge on Raspberry Pi
• Windows 10 on i7 laptop
• Kindle Fire HD10 (modified with APK files for Play Store) with Roon app
• Samsung Galaxy S20 with Roon app

Library Details
• ~45K tracks (stored on 2T external HDD connected via usb to NUC)
• ~14K tracks in Qobuz library

Description of Issue

ROCK will not update to 1202. Hangs for 30 minutes or so displaying empty download bar then displays message: “There was an error checking for an update.” (Remote on my laptop updated without issue.)

(Remotes update without issue. All other Roon functions operate swimmingly.)

This issue also occurred on the 1193 and 1182 updates. In each previous case I followed guidance (helpfully offered by @Geoff_Coupe) to use the Web Administration page to reinstall RoonOS. This worked on both occasions but obviously I would prefer to resolve whatever issue is preventing the successful download of Roon updates in the usual manner.

In my last go round the suggestion was made that the network settings (which I had modified to pass the ARC test) but after reverting to the default settings, ROCK still was unable to successfully download the update.

Any help from @Support would be greatly appreciated!

We are dealing with this via message. Closing out the thread.

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