Repeated artists when scrobbling to


I’m seeing repeated artist names when scrobbling certain content to This seems to be happening mostly with classical music where someone is tagged as both an artist and a soloist. Take the following track:

This is all metadata coming from the file itself, which has the Artist, Soloist, and Personnel tags set. Album artist is set to Various Artists in the files, but Primary Artists in Roon is set to Martha Argerich and Mischa Maisky. Scrobbling this track results in an artist name of: Martha Argerich, Mischa Maisky, Martha Argerich, Mischa Maisky.

At first glance, it seems like both the Artist and Soloist tags are ending up in the artist name. Is there any workaround for this?

Thank you for sharing this observations with us @Jose_Calzada_Gomez! The insight is appreciated!

I have placed a feedback request with the team to get some more information on this behavior you have reported to us. Once the team has fulfilled my request I will be sure to share their thoughts with you in a timely manor. Your patience is appreciated!


Hi @Jose_Calzada_Gomez ---- Thank you again for your patience here and my apologies for the delay.

Continuing forward, our tech team is going to have a closer look into this behavior in house to see if we can reproduce. Once the team has given me an update after their testing has completed I will be sure to provide you with an update. Your continued patience is very appreciated!


@Jose_Calzada_Gomez — Just wanted to touch base again real quick as our techs have asked me to gather some additional information from you to help aide with their investigation. Kindly see below, thanks!

  1. Please elaborate on what exactly actually your are seeing. For example, do these duplicate artist appear on lastfm interface?

  2. Please provide screenshots of this repeated artist behavior.

  3. If you have media in your library that is exhibiting this behavior can you please provide us with copy for testing purposes?


These are the steps involved and actual vs. expected results:

  1. Start playback of a track tagged as follows:
  • Album Artist: Various Artists
  • Artist: Martha Argerich; Gidon Kremer
  • Soloists: Martha Argerich; Gidon Kremer
  • Title: Violin Sonata No. 7 in C minor, Op. 30 No. 2: I. Allegro con brio
  1. Roon reports the artists as “Martha Argerich, Gidon Kremer” in its interface
  2. Go to profile, check recent tracks
    Actual: Gidon Kremer, Martha Argerich, Gidon Kremer, Martha Argerich - Violin Sonata No. 7 in C minor, Op. 30 No. 2: I. Allegro con brio
    Expected: Gidon Kremer, Martha Argerich - Violin Sonata No. 7 in C minor, Op. 30 No. 2: I. Allegro con brio

What’s the best way to share a track that presents these issues with you?


Thank you for getting in ouch with me @Jose_Calzada_Gomez, very appreciated!

The best way to get a media sample over to us would be to either provide a shared download link via dropbox OR use another file upload service or your choosing. I have “unlisted” this thread so you can post a link in your response. Once the media has been received I will then “re-list” and remove the link.


@eric here’s the link to a file that presents this problem: [link removed by support]

Thanks for the follow up @Jose_Calzada_Gomez, very appreciated!

Confirming that the media was downloaded and passed over to the tech team for review. Once I get an update on their progress I will be sure to touch base again. Your patience during this process is greatly appreciated!


Hi @Jose_Calzada_Gomez ---- I wanted to off you a quick update to let you know that our team has been able to reproduce the behavior mentioned in your report using the media you provided us with. In light of this a ticket has been opened and is currently in our backlog for further review by our DEV team.

Once I am provided some feedback on the team’s progress I will be sure to update this thread accordingly. Your patience during this process is appreciated!