Replace Roon with Roon Server

I have Roon running on a Mac mini (High Sierra), but use other devices to control it (MacBook, iPad, etc). So seems like I’d really be better off running Roon Server on the Mac Mini. Is changing as simple as downloading/installing Roon Server and removing Roon (the full app)? Would Roon Server automatically find the database, preferences, etc? Or is it more complicated than that?

Back up your Roon library before installing Server, and after you install Server and have deleted Roon, restore the backed up library. Be sure to use the Roon backup/restore rather than Time Machine, which won’t work for Roon.

As to which is better, Roon or Server, I don’ believe it makes a helluva diffrence.

Thanks, Slim. Turned out to be really easy, and in the process I learned a little more about Roon backup, so that now I’m running two different backups - one on the Mac Mini directly and one to an attached disk, so some value in that. As far as the sound, once it was complete I thought, “Well that sounds nice”, but, of course, it sounded nice before. :grinning:

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There should be info in the KB pages on how to migrate. It is as simple as renaming a folder. I’ll try to find a link and post it here.

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