Replacing a Roon Core Server with Another Which had Prior Owner's Roon Core Still Loaded

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Small Green Computer AP

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

AP>Paul Pang Network Switch> Sonore ultraRendu>MHDT Orchid DAC

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

*Description Of Issue


I recently replaced my Small Green Computer (SGC) i5 (i5) SonicTransporter with a SGC SonicTransporter AP (AP.) Both units were pre-loaded with Roon core.

I connected the AP into the same LAN network that the i5 had for 18 months been successfully running as my Roon core. I then attached a Seagate 8Tb external hard drive to the AP via USB. I have approximately 7.5TB of FLAC music on the hard drive.

I opened Roon remote on my PC and added my external hard drive’s location via Settings>Storage. Roon immediately started loading my music and finished after several hours. Unfortunately, Roon welcomed me as “Mike.” Mike is the former owner of my AP. Apparently, he did not clear out the AP’s Roon core.

I exited Roon remote and re-entered using my account. Once again Roon started loading music, however this time it was not taking the music off my external hard drive. It had located the Roon back-up file that I used with the i5. I then exited Roon and deleted the Roon back-up. I also uninstalled/reinstalled Roon remote and then logged in. Unfortunately, Roon wouldn’t load the music from the hard drive and would not stay connected to the AP.

I know all this would have been easier if I did x or y in a certain order, but I didn’t and now I need your help. :frowning:

Thank you for your help.


AP>Paul Pang Network Switch> Sonore ultraRendu>MHDT Orchid DAC

Everything is connected via Sablon LAN and USB cabling

I do not use streaming services.

Hi @Jeff_Friedman,

When moving your Core from one machine to another, you’ll want to make sure to follow all of the steps outlined here.

Once you follow all of the steps outlined in the guide are things working for you?

Did you add the drive in Settings > Storage?

Were your remotes losing connection as well?


I followed the outlined steps you linked to and I hit another wall.

I created a fresh backup. Then I attempted to migrate the backup. The last completed outlined step was…”Restore A Back”. Roon takes me to the “Choose Folder that Contains Your Back-up”. Roon sees my USB hard-drive which is attached to the SonicTransporter AP (Roon core server). I locate the “Roonbackups” file and click “Select this Folder.” I receive an error message “Backop Manager” “No backups found. Please check your backup location.”

What now?

Hi @Jeff_Friedman,

Can you share a screenshot of what you see in Roon, as well as a screenshot of the backup on the drive via Finder or File Explorer so I can see the full path of the backup?


I can send you a screenshot of Roon. However, I’ve never used File Explorer and have no idea how to send you a screenshot of the “full path of the backup.”


Hi @Jeff_Friedman,

Can you share a screenshot of when you click “Use This Folder” here?

Just to verify, are you logged in to the same account as the account that the backup was made with?

I am not logged. The instructions you linked me to required that I not log in but rather click “Restore a Backup”

Restore a Backup > Original 6A > Roonbackups > Select This Folder > No Backups Found

Also I didn’t locate a button called “Use This Folder.”

Here is the File Manager screen shoot you requested.

Hi @Jeff_Friedman,

Would you mind sharing the RoonBackups folder with us so we can take a look?

You can share it with us via a shared Dropbox link and we can take a look.



How do I use Dropbox and how do I share the file with you?

Hi @Jeff_Friedman,

The link shared above (I’ll share again below) will give instructions on how to share a link. You can also use any other file sharing service you’d prefer like Google Drive or OneDrive.

I figured out Drop Box. I’ll need your Drop Box account name so I can share the file.

Hi @Jeff_Friedman,

Rather than sharing via an email, you can share a link as mentioned in the link I shared above:

Here’s the link to the Roon Backup Folder.

Link removed by support

Thanks, @Jeff_Friedman — I’ve passed the backups along to the team so they can take a look at them.

Hi @Jeff_Friedman,

The team had a chance to look at the backup you shared with us and they found that there is an important folder within the backup folder that is empty when it should contain data. This is why the restore is failing. The team has asked that you confirm the following:

  • Where was the backup originally created? What was the backup path seen in Roon?
  • During the backup procedure were there any errors or interruptions?

If you still have access to the prior Core machine can you try to make a backup to a new location and try that backup instead and let us know if there is any change?


Thank you for the info. I still have the former core machine and will make a fresh back up. Do you know which folder was empty so I can double check on the fresh back up?


Hi @Jeff_Friedman,

It was the xx folder:

Now Roon is not backing up. It’s been 11 days and still Roon won’t work. Do you have local Roon experts that can set this system up?