Replacing the HD started a mess

I replaced my hard drive with a new 500g SSD on my mac mini, AFTER HOURS of trying to resolve why it wouldn’t connect after the install I tried to delete the application and re install it. In doing so I now can use it as the core but there is no screen options I have to do every thing from another computer (Laptop), In the top progress bar on the mini Roon showed its open and currently running but again no screen options will pop up. SO weird!

Sounds like you installed Roon server. Anyway…if you did a restore with time machine then that will break Roon too as the database gets upset.

Thanks for sharing your report, @Brian_Grivet!

Upon reviewing your report, it sounds like you may have installed RoonServer instead of Roon on the Core machine. RoonServer does not have any of the UI components of Roon and is meant only to be accessed by a remote device.

May I ask how you moved everything over to the new drive? As @wizardofoz mentioned above, we advise against using time machine, as mentioned in this article. When you connect to the current Core running RoonServer, is everything working okay for you?

In order to use the Roon UI on your Core you’ll want to follow these steps:

  1. Make a backup of your database. You can use your remote device to create this backup.
  2. Locate your Roon database according to these instructions.
  3. Uninstall RoonServer.
  4. Install Roon using these guidelines.
  5. Restore your backup

Hope this helps!