Replacing Tidal albums with local ones - any way to keep play history/counts etc

This might be a simple one but not sure how to do it if it’s possible.

Have recently started buying quite a lot of my favourite Tidal albums - either download or CD rip.

Once I add them, assuming all identifies, I set the local copy to primary. But then all the play counts are ‘zero’. Is there any way to carry this info over?

Albums sorted by most played is one of my most common views, so that causes a bit of an issue, but also would like to keep the play counts anyway (and favourite tracks if possible).


I think this might be better as a Feature Request instead of support. @andybob

Hi Steve,

Don’t think this can be done at the moment so have made it a feature request as suggested by @Rugby

I could see it working as an option, perhaps also with import date, to use the stats for an existing version when a new version is added.

Thanks guys. Sorry, I wasn’t sure if it could be done already.

Steve, do you envision it to be a global option setting or per album? Maybe, the solution might be a toggle on play count, one way it is per version, the other it is total play count of all versions.

Could it be a metadata preference ?
Use earliest stats for all versions or something similar.

As a metadata preference it would apply per album, but you can multiselect to apply it to groups (or all) albums.

Hadn’t thought that far!
I guess any option where you could select multiple albums and get the desired outcome would be fine. Actually even individually would be ok.

I have often thought of this as a missing feature. +1 from me.

99% sure that this can’t be done today; sorry…

However, what I think you might really want is this:

Apart from play counts on a per-album-version level (Kind of Blue 2013 192k remaster; Kind of Blue 1959 original vinyl rip; etc.), if we also kept track of play counts separately at a canonical album level (“Kind of Blue”), what you are looking to achieve would not only happen automatically as you added another “version” under the canonical album umbrella, but you’d have more accurate stats on your most listened to albums, particularly if you listen to Kind of Blue a lot, but spread the listening over your 127 (;)) different versions.

This is currently an idea only.

@mike @brian


But you have to find a way not to report all versions in the most played sort. I don’t think we should show the 19 versions of KOB that I have never played showing as most played.

@ncpl That assumes the Most Played as it is today. It also assumes the same relationship of album <-> version.

Looks like this thread is quiiiiiiite dormant but I’m curious if anyone has any clever workarounds for the original topic scenario.

I too may often buy a cd or files once I’ve fallen hard for a qobuz sourced album, either to support the artist and/or ensure I have it forever.

Sure, it’s a small issue and I never considered all the points that Joel (and Roon) have certainly thought hard about. I just think about the album itself as the main thing I’m tagging, playlisting, etc and not the version. I originally assumed making the local version primary would keep all the tagging and plays but nope. Any clever hacks out there……

I would prefer info at a track level. roon clearly knows howe many versions/covers of a song there are. if it can tell me how many times I have heard a particular artists take on a song, regardless of resolution, mastering, source (local vs streaming). that would be awesome. sometimes I am in my car, sometimes I am on a rig where I believe I can tell the difference between a rebook and a high res recording. I would like to get a sense of what are my most played tracks regardless of those considerations. It can be handled like the show hidden tracks and albums switch.

Since streaming is not really a reliable option when building a library (way too often I find albums in my library disappearing for licensing reasons or similar), I started buying download versions via bandcamp or Qobuz Sublime HiFi … but that does come at the cost of losing the registered plays up to that point.

But … not always. When replacing a streaming version with a local one, it very ofthen does not keep the play count, but sometimes it does. Anybody know why?

I would love a way to combine play counts for tracks/albums on different versions too - if I find something I love on streaming I want to grab a copy and put it on my hard drive, but also want to keep the play count in Roon!