Replacing X feat. Y with X and Y (Artist credits)

Earlier this evening Radio queued up Snow in Vegas from David Gray’s Mutineers (TIDAL.) The artist was “David Gray feat. LeAnn Rimes” so I thought I’d change this to David Gray and LeAnn Rimes, i.e. two credits not one.

But LeAnn Rimes wasn’t listed. Is this because I have no music by her in my library? Also, when I created the artist, nothing is pulled in from the Meta data sources. Is this correct?

Roon can treat a duo as a separate Artist. When it does that then the whole text “David Gray and LeAnn Rimes” will be blue. Alternatively you can add LeAnn Rimes as a second Primary Artist. They will then be separated into two clickable Artists:

As a separate clickable Primary Artist you should then get metadata for LeAnn.

I had intended adding LeAnn Rimes as a secondary primary artist, but she wasn’t listed as I typed.

No LeAnn Rimes! If I then create a new artist called LeAnn Rimes this doesn’t link to any Meta data (as seen in a search for the artist.)

Does she show up as a Tidal Artist on a name search like this:

If so, then merging your new Artist entry with her Tidal entry might be one way of getting her properly added.

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I was advised that adding a TIDAL album from the artist in question was one way to get them quickly recognized.


Yes, I get full details on TIDAL artist. I can’t see how I can merge … is the following relevant?

I’ll try @John_V’s suggestion.

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Yes, that works. Thanks.

PS. I hate the use of feat. as it creates false artist entities.

I found if I Created a new Rimes artist, say, then subsequently imported a Rimes album from TIDAL, then there would often be two Rimes artists. These phantom artists can be manually deleted, but it’s a pain.

Splitting these TIDAL artists is on our to-do list. I can’t give any timescales though.


Next week will be fine. :slight_smile: