Replay of first song of playlist tricks Roon

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini 2011, Sierra. 2.3 Ghz, i5, 8Gb RAM, no screen attached.

In this case I use my iPhone as the remote device. iPhone is model XR, iOS 15.5. Roon App 1.8
build 988

Music is stored on a SSD (500Gb) at the Mac Mini, OS, Roon Core and Music are at the same disc.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router: Genexis Platinum 7840. I have no knowledge of YPN (never heard of it, can’t find details about it in the router).

WiFi network is AirTies, combined Air4920 and Air4930. AirTies base is connected through ethernet, while the wifi signal of the router itself is turned off. The speaker is connected to one of the 4930 devices.

Wifi if the Mac is turned of. It is connected by ethernet to the router.

Connected Audio Devices

There no need to add the complete HiFi set-up, because I did not use it: the music was played over Wifi using Airplay.

The Mac Mini is connected to the network using ethernet, Wifi settings of the Mac Mini are turned off, meaning the Mac used the wired connection to send the signal to the router, which uses a cable to send it to the AirTies base unit. Then it is transmitted by Wifi to the MusicCast 20 speaker. No MusicCast is used, it is simply Airplay.

The Yamaha MusicCast 20 has the latest firmware.

Number of Tracks in Library

9911 songs

Description of Issue

So what happened is that I replayed the first song if the playlist (which it did) while the screen showed the second song of the playlist was playing. When song no.1 was finished song no.3 started. Song no.2 never played.

So here is the more detailed version:

While playing Le Rempart by Vanessa Paradis I added the album Piano Piano by Jeremiah Fraites to the playlist. The album should start after finishing Le Rempart.

When Le Rempart was almost finished (within 2 seconds from the end) I touched [play back] to restart the song.

It did, but the screen said it started the first song of Piano Piano (Departure). Everything, the image and the progress bar seemed related to Departure (saying it would last 35 seconds). Vanessa went on…

I watched the progress bar to see what would happen. Le Rempart takes 3:11. Somehow I expected the playlist to jump to the second song of Piano Piano after 35 seconds, but it did not. The bar ended at 35 seconds and Le Rempart still played.

Oddly enough, at the left of the progress bar, the counter appeared to be the only item at the screen that had a sense of what was going on: it counted the seconds of Le Rempart.

When the song ended, he playlist jumped to song #2 of Piano Piano, thinking song #1 already had been played.

I did this again and the same thing happened. I found that doing this within the last 5 seconds of the song it would happen every time.

Hey @Qbard,

It’s great to see you on the community again! I’m sorry to see it is an issue that prompted your new post.

To confirm this issue, please delete the app from your mobile device, restart the device, and reinstall to force a delete of any local data.

Let me know if you run into the same issue after reinstalling!


Hi Ben,

For a moment I thought “shall I ignore your introduction lines”, but than I could not… :innocent:

When there is nothing to post, there is nothing to post. :wink: Roon does not have that much issues (or at least I can’t find them). If you are kind enough to add some more, I will get back soon! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now the serious part… I followed your instructions and the issue was gone. (Thank you for that). It wasn’t that big of an issue actually, but being repeatable, I thought I should report it.

I would be happy if you would explain it to me: what made you think this should be done first to eliminate interference with local data? What happens in the process?

Regards - JW

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Hey @Qbard,

I’m glad to hear it solved your issue! To answer your question, by clearing out the app cache and local data, it allows us a fresh slate to not only see if the issue occurs, but will also allow us to better understand what might be going on from a fresh install. It’s not so much any interference, but more so setting us up for a better and cleaner testing environment :slightly_smiling_face:

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