ReplayGain tags not being applied


I have all my non-classical music files tagged with REPLAYGAIN_ALBUM_GAIN and REPLAYGAIN_ALBUM_PEAK values by using dBPoweramp Batch Converter.

These tags are working when using AssetUPnP and MinimServer, which both use ffmpeg transcoder to apply them.

However, I am trialing Roon 1.5 on a QNAP HS-251+, and I have set Import Settings “Use ReplayGain Tags” option to Yes, and also Override audio analysis to Yes.

The only way I can get Roon to play back at the level I expect is by using volume levelling in the zone options. If I turn this off, it is as loud as if the ReplayGain tags weren’t there. This implies they are not being applied.

Help please.

Additional info.
I have looked at the Signal Path. With volume levelling on, it applies that. With volume levelling off, the path is lossless straight from the source FLAC to my device (a Linn DSM). Confirms the ReplayGain tags are not being applied.

This looks like expected behaviour to me. When volume leveling is switched to on, roon uses replay gain tags instead of its own analysis. But volume leveling needs to be turned on for one of them to be applied.

Hi @Timster — Thanks for the information, I greatly appreciate it!

With the settings in Settings > Library > Import Settings for ReplayGain set to yes, you’ll then want to enable Volume Leveling for that zone. With these settings, Roon will take the ReplayGain tags into account and should play as you’re expecting.

We have some great information in our Knowledge Base about these settings that I definitely recommend checking out!


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Oh I see! Thanks for the explanation. Good to know. I did search the KB but didn’t find that nugget. Perhaps it could be added to the Import Settings for it? A comment to say that you need to also apply volume leveling would make it idiot proof!

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