Replicate Tablet Screen on Theater Screen

It would be nice to have the Roon control app’s screen I’m running on my tablet to be duplicated on my home theater screen.
I wish I could use my Logitech Harmony to control Roon but since that’s not possible the screen duplication would be really nice, especially when sharing music listening sessions with others.

What type of Tablet? You could “cast” it or use “airplay?” to your TV or a device connected to your TV?

There are Logitech harmony extensions users have created.

I have an Ipad that I’m using. I didn’t want to use airplay due to it’s limitation with hi -res music files.

I need to go find them. Are they workable with Windows based servers?
I ran across a few posts about the extensions but it seemed what I saw was not for Windows based servers.
I could easily be wrong as I’m very new to Roon and very ignorant of what may be done with it.

I’d spend £30 on the latest Chromecast and then mirror the iPad display on the TV.

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Thanks for the suggestion and it would work fine for many people but I’ve kicked everything google related out of my home. They are just too invasive for me so I’ve moved everything to ios.

Depending on your setup, you should be able to airplay to your tv while still using a better audio source.

Don’t enable Airplay as a Roon Endpoint, Airplay from the main iOS menu (now located by swiping down on the top right corner of the screen) and select Screen Mirroring:

Now any app on your iPad should be appearing on your TV via an Apple TV. Open Roon et Voila.

In Roon, play to the Roon Endpoint of your choice.

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That is just too cool and too easy. Thank you so much.
As you can tell I’m new to ios as well, I have much to learn.
I tried it but no audio so I need to figure that one out.

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There had been some discussion/worry about screen burn in, as most of the interface is static. Just something to be mindful of. Perhaps the feature request needs to change to indicate some screen-saver style movement in the full screen option in Roon. In Plex the album cover flips around every once in a while to mitigate this.

You may be right regarding the feature request.
The AVR has the Apple TV selected for screen mirroring so it’s expecting the Apple TV to be providing the audio but the audio is being provided by my PC (the all in one Roon setup). I need to figure out a way to deal with that. I’m a bit brain dead right now so it may become obvious to me in a few.

And you believe Apple is not. Don’t believe the hype.

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I didn’t intend to a battle of the brands so I’ll just say ios is my preference at this time and leave it at that.

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My point is they are all as bad each other I have no brand loyalty to any, but yeah choose the one your more comfortable with.

I understand. It’s a world of deteriorating privacy and rights in general.

Unfortunately so.

really, where do I find these people?

In the tinkering section. I use this one. Roon Extension: Deep Harmony - rich feature set for Logitech Harmony Its brilliant.

I’ll try the extensions out - thanks for the location info.
FWIW to anyone who may have an interest -
I can run Roon by itself and Track +/- and pause work in my setup without adding the extensions. If I also run Jriver on the same system they no longer work. It seems Jriver takes precedence over their use.
I’m also attempting to work out some stability issues with DIRAC Live when used with Roon. Working all the details out of a new setup is always a time burner.
Thanks All -

Update -
I decided to add a high quality stereo DAC back to my system. I missed the one I had before too much. That also solved the display issue. I can set my processor for the Apple TV, screen mirror the app on my tablet, mute the processor, and play the audio through my DAC while it’s in HT bypass.
My next project will be a system dedicated to Roon. Possibly an Intel NUC?

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If anybody is interested:

I purchased an inexpensive product called Flirc (the rev. 2).
It works perfectly with Logitech Harmony remotes and may be programmed with a keyboard to store key sequences or single keystrokes. It seems this is a perfect solution for me wanting to use my Logitech remote with Roon. I just started the Flirc programming but so far everything works perfectly.
I can even program the Alt-Tab to switch from Jriver when watching a movie to Roon for music.