Request for "On this day" thread?

I’m apparently easily taken off topic, one of my latest was entering an on this day music conversation.

I personally would love a topic to discuss music things happening on that day.

" 1964 - The Beatles

The Beatles scored their first US No.1 album with Meet The Beatles! The album stayed at No.1 for eleven weeks. The album sold over four million copies in the US by December 31, 1964."

That type of thing.

Not sure how others feel.

Thank you for the bandwidth.


Hi Paul, go for it …

If you want the scope to be just about music then I suggest creating a topic in …
#music Say “Music - On this day”
with an opening post describing what the topic is about, and then add a seed post with some interesting facts about today to get the ball rolling

If you want a more general topic then create a topic in #off-topic say “On this day”…

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Thank you for the guidance. I went to bed thinking, duh why didn’t I just open it vs asking mother may I.


And we’re off :+1:

Come on history buffs … you know what you must do … :slight_smile: