Rescan album doesn't work [Solved]

i was copying an album to the Roonserver directory from another machine. I viewed it in a remote before the download was complete, saw a few tracks missing. Later when the download was complete, Roon did not update the track list. Rescan did nothing. I moved the directory elsewhere, waited for Roon to notice, moved it back and it got the whole album.

Happened with all five albums I was downloading.

This isn’t working for me either. I just re-distributed a 4-cd set from one root folder into 4 sub-folders within the same (unedited) root folder, then I hit the pencil on the album & then Re-Scan Album, and got no changes. Songs won’t play either, as paths have changed.

Edit: Settings->Storage->Force Rescan works
Edit-2: fyi - Had not renamed root folder

I am of the same opinion. I’ve never managed to get “Re-Scan Album” to do anything at all. Ever.

@brian ?

“Re-scan albums” re-extracts the tags for a set of tracks, and checks the directories that house those tracks for new folder images.

It does not examine other locations on the filesystem–it just looks at the files you’ve selected. So re-scanning an album with missing tracks is not going to cause it to find the missing tracks or pick up path changes.

“Force re-scan” on a storage location causes Roon to walk the entire storage location again and do a top-to-bottom sync. So path changes, missing files, etc, are picked up.

In an ideal world, all changes would be picked up automatically. Unfortunately, OS limitations (especially when using network storage devices) get in the way, and we don’t always get reliable events from the operating system when things change.

Ah, thanks, @brian

Scanning the whole drive seems slow. I have found a simple and quick solution, quite fool proof.

I have an unwatched directory on the same drive as the Roon directory.
I point to the directory that Roon hasn’t digested completely, right-click Cut, go to the unwatched directory, Paste. The album disappears from Roon. Now Cut, go back to Roon, Paste it back. Roon sees the directory and picks it all up.
This is very fast because there is no copying: Windows makes the Cut-Paste moves between directories by manipulating pointers, not by moving any data.
This would be unattractive if I had done a lot of metadata editing because it would be lost, but for me this has happened before the editing.

This would be unattractive if I had done a lot of metadata editing because it would be lost, but for me this has happened before the editing.

We have a new set of strategies for tracking files as they are retagged/moved around in QA right now. It makes operations like this safe even when there are edits involved.

I have marked this Solved so it isn’t viewed as an open issue when the devs are browsing the Support forum. Please feel free to post here again or start a new thread if there is any particular continuing issue for which you seek assistance.

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Well “rescan album” still doesn’t have the same as rescanning the storage location, which points to a bug. But it’s a subtle one, and I’m not going to labour the point…