Rescanning files after update to 1.7

Is there any way to improve the speed of the rescanning because after 1 hour it did only 850 of the 355.000 files…
Is the speed linked to Hard disk speed or to Internet connection.
Thank you

Agreed the rescan speed is fairly slow.

What I am waiting for once the rescan completes is to see whether or not any previously “unidentified” albums have now been “identified”. If so then the update and rescan will have been worthwhile.

Mine was pretty fast. 100.000 tracks in about 5 minutes. HDD speed is about 150 MB/s.

Something’s wrong here, mine did over 40000 files whilst I was having breakfast. It wasn’t a large breakfast!

I use an 8th generation i3 NUC with files on a QNAP Nas.

Thank you for your comments !
Still waiting, apparently on some parts it goes very quick and some others very slow, no clue why.
I am now at 76.000 of the 355.000
Will try to be patient as the update looks very interesting…

Hi @Patrick_Gigase,

What kind of Core are you using (please provide specs such as CPU/RAM) and where is your media stored (Internal/USB/NAS)?

Took a while (about 18 hours for around 800,000 tracks - all local, i.e. not Tidal or Qbuz,) but the major disappointment is that even though this new Valence feature has 44444444 million more metadata points the rescan only identified ONE of over 8,000 unidentified albums. Disappointed :frowning_face:

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