[RESOLVED] Roon just cannot SYNC Tidal Library

High everybody ,
I’ve just moved Roon/Cache Folder to my desktop
And now , I’ve gone to Roon settings Services TIDAL
Have a message telling me that Roon is “Syncing Library Now”
I’ve been waiting for more than an hour and still syncing …
At the same moment Tidal application is going normal
and all the metadata are here
in the opposite Roon give me audio streaming of Tidal , but a lot of illustrations , images are lacking
Please Help

It’s now 6 days I’ve posted and still no news , not even from a Roon staff
This issue is extremely important ,
Roon is very close to Tidal and Tidal to Roon
but for a better intelligence Syncing must be perfect even if the servers (Tidal and Roon) are distant .
I have personnaly more than half of my Library with is Tidal (4000 Albums)
Every day I’m adding more playing lists from Tidal
Sorry but Roon is not updating these at the same rythme in my Core (Intel NUC)
At don’t know what is the frequency of your updates , syncing of Tidal Library
and also I noticed that sometimes the “last library sync indicator” supposed to give me the last sync date and time is freezes .
Even when I try to make a manual sync it stays to the old value and don’t sync anything
Is it that normal ?
And please I would like to know with is the frequency of your Update of Tidal Library
Thank You All users and Roon staff

Everything seems to go well now
What is added to Roon library from Tidal is going to Roon
If not instantly , then I can manually sync Tidal in Roon
The Time indicator in Roon/settings/services/Tidal/edit is updated
Maybe the issue was caused by a big amount of Datas added to Roon library at the same time
and may be we have to give time to time
And help Syncing manually from time to time

Same issue again
Syncing Library Now
but never ending
And no metadata images , but sound is OK
But at the end of the track , again stream get lost in the Internet …
Skip item then go to next Track , and it plays again

Have your tried rebooting everything? Including your network equipment?

I’ve moved your topic to the Support category of the forum, where it will be seen, and responded to, by a member of the Support team.

In order for Roon’s @support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup and the nature of the issue using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they have a clear understanding of how your devices are connected.

Yes I’ve reboot everything
But Stills «Syncing Library Now »
I have reboot My Router Fiber Wawei
Rebooted My NUC 5th génération ROCK
Rebooted the iMac wich is My PC
But Stills «Syncing Library Now »
What i’m supposed to do now in this situation
Is to delete the Folder RoonServer/Cache
and it’s what I’ll Do tomorow

10 hours after My last post , I’ve been to Roon/Settings/Services/Tidal/Édit and it seems evething is in order again
Last Library Sync is up to Date and give me the hand to « Sync Library Now »

It was not Syncing Tidal , and now it Does
I didn’t move the content of RoonServer/Cache Folder
I just reboot everything Router (Huawei optical Fiber) Core (i5 5th Generation) and my PC(IMac) as advised by @Geoff_Coupe
The issue was not arranged instantly after rebooting
the issue “Long delay between tracks and some metadata images not present”
the message “Syncing Library Now” ON indefinitely
And so I surrendered …
When I came back 10 hours later , everything was in order again

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Hey @NjB,

Thank you for getting in touch and for keeping us updated as things unfolded - it was like riding on a roller coaster :roller_coaster: . I’m very sorry we didn’t get a chance to get back to you in time :pleading_face:

We cannot thank you enough for devoting time and energy to find a solution. Thanks to @Geoff_Coupe for helping out :pray:

Please, make sure to let us know if the problem resurfaces :nerd_face:

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@Geoff_Coupe Tribute
I’ve decided to reboot my Router (Huawei Optical Fiber)
every morning at 7AM before Powering ON my Equipment

Syncing Tidal library Manually don’t update time in the control Board
But it update Library with is the most important

Hello Guy’s ,
Good and Bad news today
This morning Roon was hardly syncing Tidal at the beginning
But after one hour everything went normal again
without changing anything
But the streaming is not interrupted witch is the most important
it’s just Syncing that goes and come back
So it seems one don’t have to worry about this
just listen to music and things are going to be normal again

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Hey @NjB,

Thanks for the update yet again! It is good news that the playback works uninterrupted :partying_face:

As for the bad news from today, please keep us updated on how it unfolds over the next days :spiral_calendar:

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Hye @beka
Sorry have only good news today

I was on Roon the whole day yesterday and
No issue of delay between tracks , So no skipping
No issue of metadata
and no issue of syncing Tidal witch is very responsive (a few seconds for various Albums added to Library) The time is updated in the Service Tidal Board Control (very important)
a few seconds for Playlists transferred from other streaming Services with Soundiiz
Transfert to TIDAL first from other streamings services and then to Roon manually
to update Roon I do a Manuel syncing immediately each time I add something in my Tidal Library

is the continuity of yesterday
try to add more and more Albums and Playlists from Tidal always with a manual syncing just after and Roon just swallow without any difficulty

The listening to this Music added is fluid and with no interruptions or delay

I still reboot my router every day
May be the Internet is sometimes chaotic , but it’s exceptionally
And when it happens , I think the best is to go away a moment and comeback later

Hope it continue like this
I use Roon/Tidal every day
Don’t need even to use Tidal App with has become by the way “Tidal Connect”

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Hey @NjB,

I appreciate you taking the time to walk us through your days as far as Roon is concerned. I am so happy to read your description :partying_face:

I’m really glad things seem to have fallen into place and that you can enjoy music as it was meant to :musical_note:

I was wondering if you wanted to try not rebooting your router one day. Does music still work as expected?

Hey @beka and the 161 Viewers up to now ,
Don’t wonder anymore ,
I didn’t reboot my router this morning and the Music goes as expected

Nore moved the Roon/cache Folder
Nore reboot my Core since 4 Days now

And everything is going Smoothly :crossed_fingers:

As it is necessary I would like to get a lesson over this :

I haven’t done anything from my side
the issue was reel and I didn’t dream
the issue I had 20 days ago has disappeared

I can only congratulate Roon Staff
Developpement Team
Customer Success & Support

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Hey @NjB,

What wonderful news! Thanks for sharing how your experience has improved - I’m over the :crescent_moon: !

I hope there’ll be hours upon hours of happy music listening :headphones:

Since this seems to have been resolved, I’ll close this thread, but, should anything else come up, please don’t hesitate to let us know :nerd_face: .

And thank you for your kind words :blush: . It is always encouraging!

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