[resolved] Sonos Groups not available anymore in Roon

Since some time, probably since one of the Sonos app updates, I cannot select groups from the Sonos app in Roon anymore.
I have made sure that the Sonos system is fully updated.
I have made sure that the Roon server and apps are fully updated (server 2.0 build 1432)
I rebooted the server running the roon server.
All without success, the Sonos Group is not available. I can send streams to each single items (a Sonos Amp and a Sonos Five), but no grouping anymore :frowning:

Any ideas?

Hi @Norbert_Preining,

Thank you for the report. At your convenience, can you please clarify how many of your Sonos devices are affected? Is it just the Amp and Five, or do you have multiple of each?

Additionally, please share the specific model and firmware version installed on the devices that are failing to group in Roon. You should be able to find this in the Sonos app itself.

Hi @Norbert_Preining,

I wanted to reach out to see if you were still experiencing issues with Sonos Grouping. We’re actively investigating these reports with QA. Thanks!

Dear @connor
thanks for checking back. I have manged to resolve the problem by recreating the group, and now everything works again as usual.
Not sure what it was, though.
Thanks a lot

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Glad to hear it @Norbert_Preining, please let us know in a Support request or ping me here if the issue returns.