Restart my core button in ARC

Today while wanting to use ARC I did get a poor connection/cannot find core message. There are various reasons for all kinds of devices and users but looks like in some cases a Roon Core restart would be the fix. So a button in ARC that could restart the Roon Core would be nice to have.


There’s a similar feature request.

Possibility to restart the Roon Core / Server via Roon Remote - Feedback / Feature Suggestions - Roon Labs Community

Unlikely it’s going to happen.

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:frowning: thanks, voted for that one

I guess the theory is that Core is getting into a bad state but not so bad that it can’t receive and process a command to restart itself.

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not likely so not possible, 100% makes sense

If ARC cannot connect to the core, I see little utility in a restart button, since that too won’t be able to reach the core.

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100% true. Did not think that thru

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