Restarting Roon improves SQ

First off, I love Roon and I am posting this to help gather other’s opinions and maybe provide feedback to the Roon developers to make a better product.

I have a Roon nucleus and I have noticed time and time again that restarting the Roon server software through the web interface results in a noticeable improvement in SQ. Not what I would call night and day but definitely sounds livelier, more open and has more magic. Have others a/b this? Do they experience the same thing? I have another friend running Roon on a dedicated Mac mini and he independently observed the same thing - so its not nucleus specific.


Yes, realized the same. I found the sound a bit “digital” from my Nucleus+ but wasn’t sure if normal, but after a restart it came out far more neutrale and smooth sounding. Not sure if anything to do with latest Roon update.

I am the person the OP is referring to with running Roon on a dedicated Mac mini. I’ve observed this over a year ago and numerous times since then. I do not think this effect relates to the current release.

when you ready to do this again, instead of restarting the nucleus, just restart the roon server software via the web ui.

let me know if it changes anything…

Hey Danny. That’s exactly what I have been doing

Danny, I quit the Roon Server app on the Mac mini and restart the app.

I have also found that periodically restarting Roon does make a difference.

How can we register this to be looked into and resolved?

This may not be a Room specific issue. I find that occasionally restarting my DAC and streamer helps in a similar fashion.
To be specific the sound I get from Room is very good. But occasionally restarting, thru the web interface or turning off my Nucleus, cleans up the image of the secondary instruments in a symphony making them more distinct and easier to single out.

I never saw a follow up from support on this yet I continue to hear positive differences after restarting the Roon server software via the web ui

Hi All,

Sound quality in general is very complex and quite subjective, but with that said, there are multiple factors that are part of sound quality and even small things like how much CPU the Core is using at any given moment can impact what you hear.

It is possible that a multitude of environmental factors can impact sound quality and it’s hard to say what exactly it is that you’re hearing, just a perceived difference or if there were actually any environmental changes that impacted it.

I would suggest that you review the following two posts from our CTO, as they provide a great background on how the environment can impact sound quality:

I hope this answers your question!

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