Restore of backup(s) fails

I have been backing up to several drives (USB SSD, NAS, Dropbox, Samsung 32GB USB flash drive). I have two Roon cores on two locations and want to sync my playlists, likes etc. between the two. One core is a Nucleus, the other a MacMini. I get no error messages when I make a backup.

  1. When I want to restore from whichever drive, I get an error message implying the restore failed.
  2. When I get this error message restoring from the Samsung32GB USB flash drive, the drive is no longer in my backup locations list.
  3. When I am trying to restore from the NAS, I get an ‘InvalidRoot’ error message.
    So maybe I am looking at different problems here, I am not sure.

What can I do to get this working correctly?

![Schermafbeelding 2020-09-26 om 13.31.04|333x500]


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a 32GB USB stick is probably not big enough unless your library is rather small

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