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I am trying to move my roon core installation to a new computer.
Running latest version, with ROCK, performed backup to a USB flash drive.
Installed ROCK to new computer (identical hardware model). When attempting to “Restore a backup” at the Roon Login page, after selecting the folder for the USB flash drive, there is an error:
"Backup manager

There was an error retrieving the backup listing (InvalidRoot). Please check the backup folder and try again."

I reformatted the USB flash drive exfat, reactivated roon on the old computer, and performed 2 backups, and was able to confirm that on that roon install that the 2 backups were browsable.

Roon version is 2.0 (Build 1169) production

Issued resolved. Used a network share for the “migration” backup and was able to restore to the new computer from the network share.

There is clearly an ISSUE with restoring from a USB Flash Drive…

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