Restore profile

I just deleted my profile on my wife’s new ipad - that’s pretty stupid I think. I wanted to make it easy on her iPad. Now my profile is gone on all devices. How do I get it back?

Try logging into your Roon account from within Roon.

But on the web-site there are only the account informations.

I find my profile in arc on iPhone and iPad - can I bring it to the core ant the Roon apps back?

Restore a (Roon) backup from before the delete?

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Hey @Guenther_Koch,

I wanted to check in on this thread to see if restoring from a backup was helpful in restoring your profile? After reviewing your account, I do see two active profiles. Let me know if you’re back up and running :+1:

I have recreated the profile - now everything runs smoothly. No problems in the last weeks. :+1:


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