Restore the tag and playlist functionality

Please restore the tag and playlist functionality as it was in the previous version! Tags are literally the reason I bought Roon.


It might be helpful to the roon team if you described exactly the functionality that you used to have, but are now missing.

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Already some threads about this:


Thanks for the references. I was just making sure the OP didn’t have something else in mind since they had started a new thread.

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Does anyone know if this request is being actioned? Not being able to see which playlists a song has been added to is really putting me off Roon

It also seems to me that the ability to search using ABC has gone. It means I have to use the search function. Not quite the same experience.

It was restored in an update a few weeks ago.

Goto Settings>General>Browsing Preferences:


Show playlists on album page
Show tags on album page


Sorted in the latest build but needs to be activated in settings


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From the My Albums screen you can use the right scroll bar, this will display the initial letter of the artist (when ‘sorted by artist’) as you move through your library.

Or from Roon on a desktop you can also use your keyboard to enter the first three letters in an artist name. However, you can’t do this on smartphones/tablets.

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Thank you kindly. Twat works really well from MBP I use to control the MBPro with Roon on it. It doesn’t work from my tablet because no keyboard shows.

However, thank you very much. This is a much better way, for me, to find what I want. At first I didn’t think so but fogot I have ti set ‘proper;y’, surname thirst.

Awesome thanks