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Are there any issues with restoring to a previous version of Roon that I have saved? For example I have 1.8 build 936. Can I just do a restore to 1.8 build 923 that I have saved?

I’m talking about doing a restore

If you mean, can you restore a database backup you made while on build 923 onto current build 936, the answer is yes. This is just the data, it does not revert your RoonServer back to 923, if that is what you meant.

No what I am asking is I want to do a complete rebuild of my Roon server. I want to use a saved version. In this example the version is 1.8 build 923. After I finish with the restore my Roon server will be running 1.8 build 923 correct?

The backups that happen in Roon, backup the database, NOT the server version.

What do you mean by a “saved version”?

I have 10 Roon versions saved, I guess they are database backups. These are the backups I do every 3 days automatically in Roon. If I do a complete rebuild of my Roon Nucleus+ using 1.8 build 923 what happens? I “assume” after it is complete I will be running 1.8 build 923. I know when I went from my Mac Mini to Nucleus+ I just picked one of my saved backups and aways it went.

You will be running 936 with a 923 database. If there were any database structure changes between the two then the 923 databse will then update to the later version.

Ah, OK, Roon’s backups only backup the data not the server software. There is no way for you to go back to version 923.

OK got it. Is there a way to save/backup the server software?

No, there is not.

The only way I can think of is have two or more Roon core devices. Keep one on the older version until you are satisfied the newer version is OK.

Thanks everyone

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